Trajectory Offset Analysis Of Polystyrene Recycling Machine

- Sep 14, 2017-

Trajectory offset analysis of Polystyrene Recycling Machine
    Polystyrene Recycling Machine cutting advantage is mainly reflected in the cutting efficiency and cost, which is different from the flame cutting, the general plasma processing speed can reach 5-7 times the flame cutting, but Polystyrene Recycling Machine problem is cut Resulting in the track offset error, there is no qualitative answer to this problem, due to manufacturers Polystyrene Recycling Machine equipment varies, the material will have a different impact. In general, the cutting rate and accuracy of the Polystyrene Recycling Machine must be better than flame cutting. Polystyrene Recycling Machine Absolute cutting machine, it is time-saving and labor-saving, but also to improve the efficiency of cutting.
    Polystyrene Recycling Machine works according to the dual-axis movement to achieve the cutting of any shape cutting, in the daily use of the process, taking into account the Polystyrene Recycling Machine used by the processing environment has been used frequency, cutting the problem of how to deal with how to deal with. Polystyrene Recycling Machine is through the X-axis and Y-axis at the same time to achieve special-shaped cutting, when the XY axis travel deviation, the main reasons are the following two aspects:
     1. The numerical control system itself is a non-human factors, which need to understand the CNC system maintenance;
 2. is a mechanical problem, that is, we often say that hardware failure.
 On the hardware troubleshooting Here we also provide a few suggestions, companies in contact with manufacturers waiting for the process of technical processing, may wish to try to deal with their own hands.
 Polystyrene Recycling Machine gear and reducer shaft problems;
 There is a problem with the reducer and motor connections of the Polystyrene Recycling Machine.
 If you encounter XY axis deviation, as long as the appeal of the factors to be investigated, I believe the problem can be resolved.
 Of course, the cutting effect of the Polystyrene Recycling Machine is also related to the operator's skills. The most important thing is that the Polystyrene Recycling Machine is computer-controlled. The Polystyrene Recycling Machine is capable of cutting different graphics. The effect is the same as that of the "tool". From the above can be seen, for all aspects of the request, in order to cut out the good results, this is the result of coordination, let us more complete cutting shape.
 The dimensional accuracy of the part is between laser cutting and ordinary plasma arc cutting. Such as cutting the thickness of 4.8mm parts of the dimensional accuracy of ± 0.38mm, cutting thickness of 9.5mm when ± 0.51mm. Cutting speed is lower than ordinary plasma arc cutting, but close to laser cutting. The working gas of the arc torch mainly uses oxygen (for cutting low carbon steel), and some uses nitrogen, argon and hydrogen mixed gas (cutting stainless steel, aluminum, etc.). Working current from 15A-130A, suitable for high precision plasma cutting thickness of 0.5-10mm steel.
 Polystyrene Recycling Machine is used by the vertical and horizontal travel motor to promote the formation of the plane cutting positioning, but in the actual process, in order to protect the quality of cutting and Effect, the need to move up and down in the vertical direction of the torch, the reason is that the material to be cut may be deformed; the other hand, also to facilitate the operator empty the torch and locate the cutting starting point.
 Polystyrene Recycling Machine is used in today's time, some of the key components of the cleaning is not in place, coupled with poor processing environment of the plant, easy to cause poor cutting, poor cutting quality, Polystyrene Recycling Machine is now used in the production of a wide range of machinery and equipment, As Polystyrene Recycling Machine work environment is generally poor, poor environment, metal dust is relatively large, if the use of the process without attention to conservation, then the normal operation of the equipment will have a great impact, it must be on the machine Comprehensive cleaning and maintenance will even burn the parts seriously, our company based on years of experience, summed up the Polystyrene Recycling Machine three must clean part.