The Proper Use Of Polystyrene Cutting Machine

- Jul 12, 2017-

The proper use of Polystyrene Cutting Machine
        EPS decorative lines is a new type of external decorative lines and components, it can completely replace the traditional cement components, more suitable for installation in the external wall, both to reflect the European classical, elegant decoration style, but also to ensure that the main building Wall does not appear cold, hot bridge effect. Especially for high-rise building European style, the installation of cement components is very difficult, long duration, time will appear cracks, poor durability, and the use of EPS decorative lines, with easy installation, economic, long durability and other advantages.
        The proper use of Polystyrene Cutting Machine:
        Before use, you must carefully check the performance of the EPS line equipment to ensure the integrity of the parts.To the power switch, cutting the tightness of the film, the protective cover or safety baffle for detailed inspection, the console must be solid.
Polystyrene Cutting Machine in the steel prices and labor costs continue to rise in the case, the advantages quickly highlight and replace the manual cutting and semi-automatic cutting. Compared with single-line profiling machine, the advantages of Polystyrene Cutting Machine for the performance of high security, low failure rate, good control, this version of a small waste, high efficiency, multi-function, only one person operation, the efficiency is single-wire cutting Machine mouse.
        CNC machine combined with years of production experience and user experience feedback, please remind the majority of users in the use of attention to the following points:
        1, before use should check whether the replacement of electric wire, the use of more than the replacement of the new relatively safe, to avoid the process of broken wire
        2, after the boot to check the work surface and rails on whether there are obstacles, if the obstacles must be ruled out
        3, open the power supply and other computers and other computers start and then turn the control box on the power lock, to the CNC power supply, check the control panel panel lights on the normal
        4, open the control software manual control of the axis inspection direction and accuracy is accurate
        5, in the operation, such as in case of emergency, you should immediately press the red emergency stop switch to prevent accidents
        6, equipment operation, inspection, maintenance, maintenance must be carried out by professionals
  In recent years, the use of GRC cement components is getting lower and lower, most people began to choose eps lines, due to low cost eps, safety and environmental protection, long life, thermal insulation and other advantages, has been popular among all walks of life. Therefore, no matter what industry, there is a chase of intelligent and efficient people, would like to use European-style components processing equipment to achieve their purpose. So what are the factors that affect the price of Polystyrene Cutting Machine equipment?
       Eps lines are introduced from abroad technology, the domestic people mainly recognized GRC cement components, as people continue to improve the ability to accept new things, eps market continues to expand, and Polystyrene Cutting Machine equipment technology far more than foreign level. As eps industry veteran enterprises, CNC and other well-known domestic enterprises more than 10 years unique, continuous research and development, and constantly forward, for the national eps processing equipment business continued to contribute. However, at the same time, many bad manufacturers only see eps processing equipment industry prospects, have joined the ranks of eps processing equipment enterprises, many poor manufacturers is to reduce equipment costs and quality, to reduce the price of eps processing equipment, to Win profits.
       So what are the factors that affect the price of Polystyrene Cutting Machine equipment?
       1, configuration is good or bad
       2, power size
       3, steel
       4, technical content
        Buy Polystyrene Cutting Machine equipment mainly fancy three points: the first point is the company's technical strength, the second is the quality of equipment, the third is after-sales service! The company technology is not, the strength of the enterprise is not strong development is not good to collapse, after-sale is not guaranteed. Second, the quality of equipment is mainly reflected in several aspects, including product configuration, machine work, computer configuration and cutting machine software market, what price has, so the price of different software configuration equipment prices, machine work to determine the quality of equipment Easy to use, like the stability of the equipment, precision, etc. will be brought out.