The Optimum Cutting Range And Cutting Speed Of The Portable Polystyrene Shape Molding Machine

- Sep 28, 2017-

It can be seen that good cutting quality and cutting speed are inseparable. When the speed is very low, because the incision is too wide, the arc will even go out.
The optimum cutting range of the portable Polystyrene Shape Molding Machine is as follows: Moderate progress in cutting speed can improve the quality of the incision, that is, the incision is slightly narrower, the incision surface is more flat, and the deformation can be reduced and the cutting speed is too fast The energy is lower than the required amount, the jaw in the slot can not quickly melt the molten melt immediately blown away to form a larger drag, with the incision hanging slag, incision surface quality decline.
The optimum cutting speed range of the portable Polystyrene Shape Molding Machine can be selected according to the equipment instructions or determined by experiment. Because of the material thickness, material, melting point, thermal conductivity, and surface tension after melting, the cutting speed Also correspondingly change. When the cutting speed is too low, because the cutting is the plasma arc of the anode, in order to maintain the arc itself is not chaos, the anode freckles or anode area must be in the arc from the nearest cut to find the conductive current around the same time the jet diameter To pass more heat, so that the incision widened, the incision on both sides of the material at the bottom edge of the extraction and solidification, the formation of difficult to clean up the slag, and the upper edge of the incision due to heating too much to form rounded corners.
Polystyrene Shape Molding Machine industrial structure adjustment significantly speed, mainly in the following areas:
First, the product to accelerate the pace of high-end upgrade. The size of the box can be determined according to the thickness of the commonly used plate and the size of the parts, usually 100-150mm. Top cutting table is made of cast iron cone at a certain interval fixed to the channel, the composition of the cone row, The top row of the cone is arranged at a certain interval to form a cutting table.
Second, the basic infrastructure of the hub has a major breakthrough. Some enterprises also use the conventional power generation equipment manufacturing technology advantages, involved in desalination equipment manufacturing and other fields.
For example, high-end hydraulic parts has been China's Polystyrene Shape Molding Machine industry, weak technology, the current localization process has been exposed dawn; involved in the automated instrumentation industry, high-end pressure inverter technology has also made substantial breakthroughs, exports of foreign products after the user certainly ; In addition to ultra-high voltage AC and DC insulation casing and transformer outlet device, natural gas long-distance pipeline and large thermal power and nuclear power equipment valves, nuclear power plant with high-end seals, high parameters such as casting and forging pieces of independent products Make a welcome break.
Finally, the production of cutting table, Polystyrene Shape Molding Machine cutting table usually have two practices, one is the grid type, one is the top type. Square grid cutting table is a certain width (80-120) and thickness (5-8) of the flat iron, lateral overlap with each other into a grid.
The first is the center of the vertical guide rails and the lateral span of the same. Therefore, they generally choose to "go", in foreign projects from the provision of stand-alone to provide complete sets of equipment, and then to the construction of power station turnkey projects, greatly easing the pressure of insufficient domestic orders. The actual installation, according to Wuhan Xin Hong Wai Yip to provide specific drawings to carry out. This type of cutting table, because the cone top for the cast iron, Polystyrene Shape Molding Machine is not easy to cause damage to it, and easy to damage the cone of a single replacement (screw on the steel screw fixation, cone top processing screw hole and horizontal demolition hole, You can easily disassemble), so the effect is much better than the former.
"15", "Eleventh Five-Year" period, power generation equipment manufacturing industry for several years to maintain ultra-high growth, the current domestic market demand growth space has been limited. In addition, the rapid development of high-end products is also reflected in a number of major equipment products, and previously, the West-East line, the second line of the basic equipment by the entrance.
Third, the development of modern manufacturing services, to extend the industrial chain, has become more and more outstanding self-conscious business.
The first is the accelerated development of clean energy equipment, hydropower generating units increased by 27.24%, thermal power plant production increased by 14.99%, thermal power units in the total output of power generation equipment significantly decreased; followed by Polystyrene Shape Molding Machine industry structure upgrade progress , The growth rate of the Polystyrene Shape Molding Machine and the numerical control system is significantly faster than that of the ordinary machine. Once again, the development trend of the high-end instrument is strong, which is the highlight of the development of the industry this year. The output value of the automated instrument is 35% faster than that of the instrument industry Uniform growth rate, the main business income profit rate of 10%, known as high-tech products DCS system made great progress. Installation must ensure that the two vertical guide rail center distance and level.
Polystyrene Shape Molding Machine is mainly used for batch cutting, so its foundation for the installation of the foundation is relatively more cantilevered Polystyrene Shape Molding Machine and portable Polystyrene Shape Molding Machine and intersecting Polystyrene Shape Molding Machine foundation installation is more complicated.