The Characteristics Of The Polystyrene Block Molding Machine Are Introduced

- Jul 04, 2017-

The characteristics of the Polystyrene Block Molding Machine are introduced

Any machine has its mechanical properties. What are the characteristics of the Polystyrene Block Molding Machine? Here's a look at the details:

1. The recycling tank can be emptied and easily removed.

2. Accurate temperature: digital setting display temperature;

Turn off the clock at a regular time and automatically turn it off according to the setting time.

4. The temperature display has no contact point, it will not generate electric spark;

5. Complete machine explosion-proof design and manufacturing, T4 standard certification;

6. Explosion-proof qualified certificate no. CNEX092336 ~ 2344 explosion-proof standard;

7. The switch shall be explosion-proof type and not made of solvent corrosion materials;

8. Fixed temperature shutdown, alcohol recovery, according to steam temperature automatic shutdown;

9. The special section recovery function solves the problem of blocking the pipe by boiling point low solvent in the mixture solvent.

10. Cooling system adopts air cooling and heat dissipation and saves a lot of water.

11. Double layer stainless steel barrel, no high-pressure working mode, indirect heating, prevent solvent leakage;

12. Automatic shutdown system: can be controlled by time or temperature, double shutdown protection;

13. Ultra-high temperature protection: when the Polystyrene Block Molding Machine exceeds the set temperature, automatically stop the heating system;

The computer controls the advanced machine, the technology is more advanced, the operation is more convenient and intuitive.

15. Polystyrene Block Molding Machine adopt explosion-proof fan, all-copper condenser, and for special solvents, all stainless steel condenser;

16, corresponding vacuum relief devices, recycling the boiling point of 155 ℃ ~ 220 ℃ high boiling point solvents;

17. The large-size model can be used in automatic feeding mode: the barrel lid is automatically opened and closed automatically, and the filling can be automatically stopped;

18, ultra-high voltage protection: Polystyrene Block Molding Machine itself for no high-pressure work mode, in order to prevent pipeline blocking caused by improper operation and make the machine high pressure inside the tank, when the machine inside the tank pressure than the outside world 0.2 Br, automatic pressure release, to ensure the safety of Polystyrene Block Molding Machine;

The Polystyrene Block Molding Machine is the recovery equipment of purified alcohol. The equipment is composed of several parts. The following is the characteristics of the concentrator of polystyrene blocks.

1. Stainless steel condenser, cooling mode is air-cooled.

2. Heating system: double closed electric heating element, efficient insulation layer.

3. The lid of the distillation tank of the built-in spring unloading device guarantees that the pressure within the distillation tank is not greater than 1 psi.

4. Control system: monitor the temperature and machine operation status of each point through the sensor, and the safe microprocessor control circuit realizes automatic control.

5. The Polystyrene Block Molding Machine concentrator adopts all-stainless steel chassis structure, beautiful and durable; Special safety cover design, which is not directly exposed, provides additional protection for operators.

6. Digital temperature control, control LCD display, temperature setting from 75 ° C to 240 ° C in any temperature. Digital liquid crystal display temperature.

7. Simple operation: the whole process is fully automatic, 24 hours without downtime, automatic shutdown and computer intelligent control.

8. Polystyrene Block Molding Machine concentrator stretch forming of stainless steel retort, fully sealed with retort integration hot metal shell, don't need to do thermal medium heat conduction oil, to avoid the cost of replacing heat conduction oil and gas potential failure.

9. Self-diagnosis function, indicator light display error information.

10. Explosion-proof authentication: the mechanical structure and electrical wiring of the whole machine are designed and manufactured in strict accordance with the explosion-proof requirements. The machine is certified by the United States, Canada, the European Union and China.