Precautions In The Use Of Polystyrene Expander Machine

- Jul 24, 2017-

Precautions in the use of Polystyrene Expander Machine
In the basement, tunnel, metal container and relatively closed place for welding and cutting operations, due to the air is not in circulation, out of inconvenient, inadequate light, the venue is not smooth, inconvenient activities such as special factors, in welding, cutting operations Prone to accidents, it is not easy to rescue. Therefore, the following safety measures must be strictly adopted. Wuxi where there are male subjects
    (1) before the operation must be careful and careful investigation of the situation inside and outside the workplace, to find out the outdoor buildings or other structures on the indoor fire welding, cutting whether the impact of indoor flammable and explosive substances, if necessary First of the indoor gas sampling analysis, to confirm the safety, to enter the indoor operation. Wuxi where there are male subjects
    (2) acetylene generator, oxygen cylinders, welding machines are not allowed on the hot welding, cut the room. To carefully check the oxygen - acetylene pipe and welding, torch is leaked, strictly against the oxygen - acetylene gas volume gathered in the room caused by the explosion, the suspension of welding, cutting the oxygen - acetylene pipe and welding, torch out of the room. And open all doors and windows or valves, as far as possible to maintain air circulation, if necessary, to take mechanical ventilation.
    (3) with Polystyrene Expander Machine for welding operation, welding, cutting field required to keep dry, and strictly check the insulation protection equipment is in line with safety requirements. When working in a metal container, the welder is not allowed to touch the metal container with the head, back, or the like without the insulator. Lighting equipment will use low-voltage lighting.
    (4) prohibit the use of oxygen into the room for regulating the operation of the air
Before the early 1980s, the domestic market of polystyrene exporters was dominated by foreign polystyrene expansors. In the late 1980s, the domestic Polystyrene Expander Machine were gradually produced and put on the market. In the early 1990s, with the domestic polystyrene Expansion of the expansion of the market, the rapid expansion of the market, forcing foreign enterprises to the domestic development, cutting machine prices also dropped significantly. The late 90s due to the quality of domestic Polystyrene Expander Machine has stabilized, the price has dropped significantly over the previous few years, it has gradually replaced the import machine.
    With the modernization of China's industry to the modernization of the domestic market for polystyrene expansion machine demand increased year by year, coupled with foreign developed countries because of a large number of polystyrene expansion machine is being used, so the popularity of CNC plasma cutting machine subject to certain constraints, and China's Polystyrene Expander Machine technology started and applied late, the formation of supply and demand gap, leading to China's Polystyrene Expander Machine, especially CNC plasma cutting machine potential market is huge.
    According to statistics, in recent years, China's annual market demand for Polystyrene Expander Machine is about 500 units, and there is a growing trend, the economic development of China's surrounding areas and we show a good international market prospects. At present, the development trend of Polystyrene Expander Machine should be in the direction of automatic, multi-functional, high power and high quality.
    China's Polystyrene Expander Machine industry in the 21st century is facing a variety of new challenges, the international market competition is more intense. We should aim at the world's advanced level, and constantly develop new products, driven by the domestic industry with the general level of technical improvements, the only way to eliminate low-grade, inferior products, clean up the market, driven industry manufacturers to change their business philosophy at the same time in strengthening scientific research and development, technological innovation And quality management efforts, so that China's Polystyrene Expander Machine industry quickly reached the world advanced level, so as to revitalize the national industry, improve our comprehensive national strength.