Polystyrene Shape Molding Machine Numerical Control System Maintenance Focus

- Aug 24, 2017-

Polystyrene Shape Molding Machine numerical control system maintenance focus
CNC Polystyrene Shape Molding Machine can be said to be a high-precision, high efficiency equipment, for such equipment must extend the life of components and parts of the wear cycle, in order to improve the system's trouble-free working hours and equipment life The But how should this be done?
    As the Polystyrene Shape Molding Machine in the part of the CMOS memory in the memory content in the power, mainly by battery-powered to maintain, it is necessary to regularly check and replace the equipment memory battery, so as not to come in handy. Generally here are lithium batteries or rechargeable nickel-cadmium batteries, when the battery voltage drops to a certain value will result in loss of parameters, so check the main content is the battery voltage.
    If the contents of the Polystyrene Shape Molding Machine control system with battery voltage dropped to a limit, or the battery voltage alarm, it is necessary to replace the battery as soon as possible. Replace the battery in the CNC system power state, so as not to cause the storage of data loss. Once the parameters are lost, the parameters can be re-entered after the new battery has been replaced.
    In addition to maintenance, but also should be as much as possible to reduce the Polystyrene Shape Molding Machine numerical control system of the number of electrical doors of the switch to prevent dust into the CNC device. Because the air in the workshop floating dust and metal powder in the printed circuit board and electrical connectors, likely to cause the insulation resistance between components decreased, resulting in failure, and even damage the components.
    Some of the spindle control system is placed in a strong cabinet, the strong power off the door will lead to damage to the electrical components, spindle control failure, it must ensure the tightness of strong doors to prevent the external dust into the cabinet inside, thus affecting The normal operation of the system.
Polystyrene Shape Molding Machine is a high-capacity machine, it is obviously better than other cutting processing technology; at the same time, water cutting equipment is also complete will not produce harmful gases or liquids, but also does not work in the workpiece Surface heat, so the water knife cutting should be the real multi-function, high efficiency cold cutting processing.
    However, the characteristics of Polystyrene Shape Molding Machine by its numerical control operation software, must accurately operate the Polystyrene Shape Molding Machine control software, in order to ensure the cutting quality, cutting efficiency and cutting costs are consistent with the above characteristics. The next step is about some of the conventional features of the Polystyrene Shape Molding Machine software.
     When operating the Polystyrene Shape Molding Machine software, if you select a single section, then it is necessary to start from scratch or from any segment simulation, each press the keyboard, simulation NC code line; if the curve, then the whole curve simulation; If unchecked, the simulation is a continuous emulation mode.
     If you want to display the program, the simulation process will display each section of the processing code, but the code will make the simulation slow down. X-axis mirror represents the NC code to X-axis as a benchmark image, is also the NC code Y value from the original positive value of the negative value, the original negative value of the positive value. The Y-axis mirror is also true.
    There is also a DXF automatic sorting in the Polystyrene Shape Molding Machine control software. If this option is selected, the control software will automatically concatenate the graphics in the DXF file. That is, from the first paragraph, automatically followed by the next section to find it.
     As a closed pattern often have a feed line and a knife thread, in order to facilitate the automatic series need to save the feed line, and then click on the first line in the closed graphics, and then select the closed graphics in all other lines, select Out of the thread.