Polystyrene Shape Molding Machine Cutting Accuracy

- Oct 17, 2017-

Polystyrene Shape Molding Machine cutting accuracy
Polystyrene Forming Machine: highly respect the market. Fiber laser equipment, improve processing efficiency and the accuracy of cutting the workpiece, greatly reducing the manufacturers and parts to support the development of the market and highly respected. Laser processing technology has been diversified from the original single today. At present, laser processing technology with its flexibility, Polystyrene Shape Molding Machine processing technology and high-precision three-dimensional positioning, robot technology and a high degree of intellectual advantage, has been used in cutting, welding and other fields, people will be more profound understanding of laser processing Industry gradually into a more intelligent era. Polystyrene Shape Molding Machine has been favored by everyone.
Polystyrene Shape Molding Machine cutting accuracy is the highest? With the improvement of product quality requirements, manufacturers of Polystyrene Shape Molding Machine cutting precision requires high attention, Polystyrene Shape Molding Machine to meet the needs of the times, laser technology in continuous improvement And break. At present, Polystyrene Shape Molding Machine can generally provide cutting accuracy of ± 0.2 mm below, but for different materials, cutting thickness, and the quality of equipment, the results will be different accuracy. Here to follow Xiaobian detailed understanding of the Polystyrene Shape Molding Machine cutting the highest precision figures.
First, the laser cutting machine cutting the most important users need what kind of product, if the product is cut mainly based on the following 6 mm sheet-based, for the first time, the laser cutting machine cutting speed is the most important, you can choose poly Styrene molding machine, Polystyrene Shape Molding Machine is mainly used for thin plate cutting is very favorable, in the thin metal cutting speed and precision than other equipment advantages. If the cut product is mainly in the size of 6 mm and above. You can choose yag solid laser cutting machine, yag solid laser cutting machine cutting products 12 mm carbon steel, stainless steel 10 mm. The material thickness reduction of the laser cutting machine can be achieved within the highest accuracy range, the device can be cut.
In the Polystyrene Shape Molding Machine to complete the cutting of materials using a certain thickness, depending on the needs of different occasions, there may be a vertical plate edge impregnation treatment requirements. In industrial production, similar to the flame cut angle can be simply divided into two categories, one fixed angle cutting; the second is variable angle cutting. From the perspective of the device to achieve, the former we can through a simple torch swing angle device to adjust the cutting angle to achieve, the equipment cost is relatively low, which requires unlimited rotation torch through the clamping device, matching control system software during processing Cutting angle changes to achieve, the cost is relatively high. In this paper, through the production of home DS technology, the main Polystyrene Shape Molding Machine cutting operation gives a corner point.
According to the Polystyrene Shape Molding Machine automatic cutting and semi-automatic cutting method, the cutting torch distance adjustment, to determine the resistance, and consider the seam compensation; in the cutting process, the size and direction of the cutting gun angle of steel thickness, when the cutting thickness < 10mm Torch angle tilt 10 ° -15 ° to achieve the best cutting effect; otherwise you need to be perpendicular to the board gun. In the cut width of the margin is completely based on the cutting thickness of their own set, where we consider the thickness of the two plates to illustrate the relationship between the two, for the << 10mm thickness plate slotting compensation is generally set to 1mm; above 40mm Material, cutting seam compensation settings are generally 3mm.
Polystyrene Shape Molding Machine automatic cutting, hanging plate cutting platform should be adjusted on both sides of the two sides of the head and guide the distance between the 5mm range. In semi-automatic cutting, should be placed on the guide plane to cut the steel plate, then gently slide the cutter. The operator of the torch side, according to the thickness of the cutting plate, adjust the straightness and cutting speed cutting.
The thickness of the metal material is more than that of the Polystyrene Shape Molding Machine. The advantages of the plasma cutting are more obvious than the effects of the 25mm cutting and cutting quality, mainly in the groove and the completion of the vertical plane, except for the use of Polystyrene Shape Molding Machine Can provide the required cutting angle in the flame cutting torch height control, the use of pressure size, cutting speed and cutting thickness is an important consideration.