Polystyrene Recycling Machine Recovery Principle And Equipment System Characteristics

- Jul 12, 2017-

Polystyrene Recycling Machine Recovery Principle and Equipment System Characteristics
1, Polystyrene Recycling Machine recovery principle
  Many of the production enterprises in the production process will use a variety of organic solvents, such as cleaning parts with alcohol, cleaning more times, the solvent because there are too many impurities can not be used, if lost too wasteful, long It is a huge loss, and these dirty alcohol solvent can be Polystyrene Recycling Machine for recycling, the low boiling point of the components known as volatile components, high boiling point components known as the volatile components, so that The waste solvent can be simplified as a two-component liquid mixture. When the temperature is below 160 ° C, the resin, pigment and aluminum powder can be regarded as nonvolatile solid matter. Therefore, the waste solvent can be separated by heating and refluxing The
2, Polystyrene Recycling Machine features
  The polystyrene recycle machine is a solvent recovery machine developed specifically for automotive coating production. By installing a waste solvent recovery tank at the robot site and the manual spraying site, the polystyrene pump is used to collect the solvent from the waste solvent collection tank. The resulting waste
Agent, and in the waste solvent tank installed on the pneumatic explosion-proof stirrer and liquid level controller, when the liquid level reaches the control limit, Jiexing solvent recovery opportunities automatically charge and distillation.
   Polystyrene Recycling Machine is to help enterprises to save costs and can protect the environment, is environmentally friendly equipment.
 Polystyrene Recycling Machine with high efficiency stainless steel corrugated filler, where contact with alcohol parts, such as tower, regulator tank, condenser, cooling coil, etc. are made of stainless steel to ensure that the finished product is not contaminated with alcohol, Tube, which facilitates the cleaning of the outer wall and the inner wall of the distiller.

    Polystyrene Recycling Machine for pharmaceutical, food, light industry, chemical industry, alcohol recycling, can help companies reduce production costs and improve economic efficiency. Polystyrene recycle machine can be 30 ° -50 dilute alcohol distillation to 90 ° -95 °, finished wine demanding, can increase the reflux ratio, but the corresponding finished product yield reduction, discharge residue with alcohol degree ≤ 3 °, Is the professional equipment for the recovery of alcohol.
Organic solvent recovery machine can recover most of the solvent, and for high boiling point of the solvent to be recovered, can be used vacuum recovery device recovery machine, can greatly save the recovery time and energy, because the Polystyrene Recycling Machine vacuum vacuum device The following effects:

1. Can be used as a storage device,
2. Special segment recovery function, to solve the problem of mixed solvent foam.
3. Match the corresponding vacuum pump, can be recovered below 300 ℃ high boiling point solvent.
4. Match the corresponding condenser, can be recycled -25 ℃ ∽ 60 ℃ low boiling point solvent.
5. Avoid the recovery of clean solvents and external contact, reduce the volatile, and more secure.
6. Reduce the boiling point of the solvent by evacuating the solvent and recover the solvent at a lower heating temperature.

  A polystyrene recovery machine with a vacuum is definitely a great helper for recycling high boiling organic solvents.