Polystyrene Recycling Machine Overview Of Polystyrene Recyclers

- May 19, 2017-

Polystyrene Recycling Machine BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION The utility model belongs to a waste polystyrene recovery apparatus, and more particularly, to a polystyrene recovery machine in which a crushing, cleaning, granulating and recycling functions are integrated. The utility model solves the problems that the process can not be integrated in the prior art, such as crushing, cleaning, defoaming and granulation molding, as well as large and complicated structure of the recovery device. The utility model comprises a driving device, a hopper, a crushing and cleaning room, a reducing granulation device, a recycling bin, a medium cooler, a hot gas generator and a discharge port. The grinding and washing room is provided with a crushing screw and a conveying screw, and the crushing screw is arranged in the crushing cylinder with the discharge hole in the cylinder wall. The delivery screw is housed in an open conveyor barrel. The reduction granulation device comprises a mixing chamber, a reducing channel and a granulation chamber. The conveyor barrel communicates with the mixing chamber. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, convenient use and flowable operation; the medium is sealed and recycled, and does not affect the environment and saves the cost.

  Polystyrene Recycling Machine The National Institute of Chemistry at the National Autonomous University of Mexico has recently studied a new technology for the recycling of polystyrene foam. The technology uses a composite solvent to restore it to the original ball state. At present, the Institute is preparing for the next step in business promotion. It is reported that the technical process is: the collection of polystyrene foam into the solvent to dissolve, and then the solution will be dropped into the water, the dissolved polystyrene foam will once again become a clean And easy to separate the original ball.

  Professional to do foam production equipment and recycling equipment. There is no gas in the bubble production process, the recycling process is a taste, but I know a lot of people engaged in this work has not been a public sick. You can rest assured that if you worry about family health, it is recommended to consider other work.

  To add, the foam component after shredding is styrene, belonging to plastic, used to produce extruded panels. Engaged in recycling foam and engaged in extruded board production environment is the same. I know a lot of long-term engaged in extruded board production staff are also very good.

  Polystyrene Recycling Machine If by the level of toxicity. Level should be relatively low. Pay attention to ventilation on the line. As for the production of dioxins, there are relevant statements, very few bars