Polystyrene Cutting Machine Product Features And Applications

- Aug 04, 2017-

Polystyrene Cutting Machine product features and applications
  Laser cutting is the best cutting method of cutting technology in today's people. The advantages of laser cutting are: small thermal deformation, high cutting precision, low noise, no pollution, easy to realize automatic cutting, although the initial investment ), But the processing cost is 50% less than machining. Laser cutting as an advanced manufacturing technology, with a wide range of applications, flexible technology, high precision machining, good quality, clean production process and facilitate the realization of automation, flexibility, intelligence and improve product quality, labor productivity and so on.
  Fiber lasers are the focus of attention in the field of laser in recent years. Fiber lasers in the field of processing have rapidly replaced the traditional YAG, C02 lasers. It is generally believed that medium power fiber lasers will be the third generation of the most advanced industrial processing lasers. Polystyrene Cutting Machine Fiber lasers have many unique advantages: good beam quality; small size, light weight, maintenance-free; air-cooled simple easy to operate; low operating costs, can be used in industrial environments; long life, high precision, fast; High conversion efficiency, can achieve intelligent, automated, flexible operation. From the development of laser technology, fiber laser represents the direction and trend of laser development, its industry, national defense and other fields have important application prospects.
1. Our 500-2000W high-power Polystyrene Cutting Machine adopts gantry single-sided double-drive structure, imported high-precision reducer, rack and pinion and linear guide, smooth transmission, fast acceleration, high positioning accuracy.
2. With automatic zoom cutting head, you can set the position through the system parameters to change the cutting focus position, abandon the traditional manual adjustment.
3. With lens monitoring function, can automatically identify the lens temperature is normal, to ensure the stability of product processing.
4. Have a key calibration, automatic search edge, automatic typesetting, leapfrog and other powerful technology functions, so that operation becomes more simple.
Application areas and cutting capacity
1, suitable for cutting space: two-dimensional plane cutting;
2, the application of industry: food machinery, kitchen utensils, elevator manufacturing, household appliances, food machinery, textile machinery, tool processing, automotive, decoration advertising, aerospace, shipbuilding, engineering machinery, locomotives, agriculture and forestry machinery, electrical manufacturing, , Laser processing services, and other machinery manufacturing and processing industries;
 Polystyrene Cutting Machine for such processing purposes, we should first CORELDRAW, AUTOCAD graphics will be made in the form of vector lines, pneumatic marking machine, and then save the corresponding PLT, DXF pattern, with Polystyrene Cutting Machine control Software to open the file, according to our processing of materials such as energy and speed and other parameters can be set to run. The laser also has high coherence, high strength, high direction, laser generated by the laser after the mirror and by the mirror will be irradiated onto the processed items, so that processed items (surface) by the strong heat and the temperature increased dramatically So that the point due to high temperature and rapid melting or vaporization, with the laser head of the trajectory to achieve the purpose of processing. Existing Polystyrene Cutting Machines generally have their own hard drive, can enter a massive data source.
  Polystyrene Cutting Machine Laser is a kind of light, like other luminous bodies in the natural world, is caused by the transition of atoms (molecules or ions, etc.), and is caused by spontaneous radiation.
  Polystyrene Cutting Machine vector engraving: the use of vector software such as Coreldraw, AutoCad, Iluustrator and other typesetting design, and graphics exported to PLT, DXF, AI format, marking machine, and then use a dedicated laser cutting engraving software to open the graphics file , Sent to the laser engraving machine for processing.
  Laser engraving: mainly in the surface of the object, divided into bitmap carving and vector carving two: bitmap carving: we first in PHOTOSHOP where we need to carve the graphics linked to the market and transformed into a monochrome BMP pattern, And then in the special laser engraving cutting software to open the graphics file.