Polystyrene Cutting Machine Is A Process Of Development And Progress

- Aug 24, 2017-

Polystyrene Cutting Machine is a process of development and progress
        Driven by technology, more and more types of cutting machine, the function is more and more refined, this Polystyrene Cutting Machine is designed to solve the problem of tile cutting a design of automatic CNC equipment. In fact, Polystyrene Cutting Machine development has also been a period of time, and this process there have been a variety of models, have different characteristics.
             1, the drawbacks of portable Polystyrene Cutting Machine
        This is the initial product, so all aspects of technology are not perfect, there are more problems. Portable Polystyrene Cutting Machine is not only large noise, dust, but also because the speed is fast, there is no platform control and lead to cutting difficult. Especially when used to cut the line, the effect is very unsatisfactory; the key is not safe.
            2, push the desktop Polystyrene Cutting Machine improvement
       It is a manual Polystyrene Cutting Machine, but the effect was significantly improved, and the efficiency is relatively high. Use it to cut the tiles, then the basic will not appear dash, rupture and other undesirable phenomena, can help users save production costs. But the push-type Polystyrene Cutting Machine is only suitable for small batch tiles cutting needs.
           3, the characteristics of CNC Polystyrene Cutting Machine
       Because it is used in microcomputer digital control, so the size of the measurement do not need to be done by hand, plus CNC Polystyrene Cutting Machine is equipped with imported linear guide and ball screw high-precision servo system with Of the positioning system, to further improve the cutting accuracy. And because the cutting speed is relatively fast, so to meet the large quantities, variable size cutting needs.
       With the improvement of customer requirements, more and more manufacturers are using CNC Polystyrene Cutting Machine instead of portable desktop cutting machine, whether it is speed or accuracy have significantly improved.
In the industrial steel processing process, and ultimately will be applied to a variety of machinery and equipment, Polystyrene Cutting Machine is one of them, especially for steel grinding and maintenance, it is quite ideal operating equipment. What are the benefits of Polystyrene Cutting Machines compared to some of the previous tools?
The first is easy to use, for different voltage shock treatment can improve the different height and strength of the steel control the balance of operation, greatly to meet the stability of steel quality control. In the course of operation, Polystyrene Cutting Machine is no need to replace the cutting device, a nozzle can be processed in different types of materials and shapes, effective cost savings and time.
As the Polystyrene Cutting Machine uses abrasive sand as the working medium, so the incision only less burr; equipment work program is mainly generated by the CAD drawing software, so you can design the line graph, or input from other software generated DXF file.
In addition, this Polystyrene Cutting Machine can support third-party software, as much as possible to reduce the workpiece loss. As long as the software generated program transferred to the machine, it can be set from the CAD tool path, and can pin the exact positioning and cutting speed calculated.
Polystyrene Cutting Machine does not produce heat when cutting, and the seam will not produce scratches; if you want to use it for any curve cutting and punching, do not need mold, very convenient. As the water cut is a non-contact cutting, so naturally not the formation of broken materials to ensure the integrity of the steel.