Polystyrene Cutting Machine How To Operate

- Jul 24, 2017-

Polystyrene Cutting Machine how to operate
    How does Polystyrene Cutting Machine operate? The following by Qingdao Sheng Tong to tell you about, Qingdao Shengtong has several decades of production technology experience, and in Qingdao region is the largest laser cutting machine manufacturers.
1, to confirm the device has a blade in the front of the slide plate, open the size of the pressure plate;
2, with a stripper stripping fiber coating, reserved bare fiber length of 30-40mm, dipped in alcoholic cotton or cotton paper wrapped in fiber, and then clean the fiber. Wipe with absorbent cotton or cotton paper, do not use the same cotton or cotton paper to wipe the second time (Note: Please use more than 99% purity alcohol).
3, visual fiber coating edge alignment cutter scale (12-20cm) the appropriate scale, the left hand into the guide groove into the fiber, requiring bare fiber straight on the left and right rubber pad.
4, close the small pressure plate, large pressure plate, push the device with a blade of the slider, so that the blade cut the lower surface of the fiber, and free to slide to the other side, cut off the fiber;
5, left hand hold the cutter, the right hand to open the big pressure plate and remove the fiber debris, into a fixed container.
6, with his left hand pinch the fiber while the right hand to open a small pressure plate, carefully remove the cut end of the fiber, Note: clean fiber cross-section do not touch it.
Use Polystyrene Cutting Machine Note:
1) double focal length laser cutting head is a laser cutting machine on the vulnerable items, long-term use, resulting in laser cutting head damage.
2) every six months to check the Polystyrene Cutting Machine track straightness and the vertical machine, found that the normal maintenance and timely debugging. Did not do this, it is possible to cut out the effect is not how good, the error will increase, affecting the quality of cutting. This is the top priority, must be done.
3) once a week with a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust and dirt inside the machine, all electrical cabinet should be closed dust.
4) Always check the strip of Polystyrene Cutting Machine, sure to tighten. Or in operation a problem, there may be hurt people, serious can lead to death. Steel looks like a small thing, a problem is still a bit serious.
5) Polystyrene Cutting Machine rails should always clean up, remove dust and other debris, to ensure that the equipment should always wipe the regular rack, plus lubricating oil to ensure lubrication without debris. Rails to be regularly cleaned and on the oil, there is the motor should also be regularly cleaned and on the oil, the machine will be able to walk better, more accurate cutting, cutting out the quality of the product will be improved The
 Mechanical parts into the mechanical processing of each drawing have a glitch to the technical requirements, deburring process, the process staff often can not prepare the process files, usually using rasp, cloth round, emery cloth, belt and other ways to remove the burr. With the development of science and technology and the development of production, artificial deburring has been unable to adapt to the modern market competition product quality and production requirements, Polystyrene Cutting Machine finishing technology gradually replaced the traditional deburring process, and the more To the more people have been valued, and now some advanced enterprise mechanical parts finishing and lighting has been technical staff into the technical requirements of the drawings, and the formation of the standard process.
    Polystyrene Cutting Machine processing, from the process point of view, only belongs to the material of the initial processing steps, for most of the mechanical processing, the cutting pieces of flatness, finish can meet the secondary processing requirements, of course, for some sheet metal Processing and other finishing, the accuracy of CNC cutting there are some gaps, with the recent development of Polystyrene Cutting Machine technology for the rapid development of cutting materials for surface finish has also been significantly improved, the following Texas Litt CNC will be the main This issue with the majority of users to communicate.