Polystyrene Cutting Machine High Quality Cutting Main Performance

- Oct 17, 2017-

Polystyrene Cutting Machine high-quality cutting parameters set:
Proper use of Polystyrene Cutting Machine for high-quality rapid cutting, cutting process parameters must be a profound understanding and mastery. The use of Polystyrene Cutting Machines and the selection of cutting process parameters are critical to the cutting quality, the cutting speed and efficiency of Polystyrene Cutting Machines, and so on.
main performance:
1, Polystyrene Cutting Machine cutting speed can be improved to improve the quality of the incision, the incision is slightly narrowed, the incision surface is more smooth, while reducing the deformation.
2, Polystyrene Cutting Machine cutting speed is too fast so that the cutting line energy is lower than the required amount, the seam in the jet can not quickly melt the cutting melt immediately blown away to form a larger drag, with the Incision slag, cut surface quality decline.
3, when the Polystyrene Cutting Machine cutting speed is too low, because the cutting is the plasma arc of the anode, in order to maintain the stability of the arc itself, anode spots or anode area must be in the arc near the nearest cut to find the conduction current, At the same time, the heat is transferred to the radial direction of the jet, so that the incision is widened, and the molten material on both sides of the incision gathers and solidifies at the bottom edge to form a slag that is difficult to clean, and the upper edge of the incision is formed by heating too much Fillet.
4, when the speed is very low, because the incision is too wide, the arc will even go out. It can be seen that good cutting quality and cutting speed are inseparable.
5. Polystyrene Cutting Machine cutting speed: the best Polystyrene Cutting Machine cutting speed range can be selected according to equipment instructions or test to determine, due to the material thickness, material, melting point, thermal conductivity and melting After the surface tension and other factors, the cutting speed is also a corresponding change.
6. Polystyrene Cutting Machine arc voltage: Generally believed that the normal power supply voltage is the cutting voltage. Polystyrene Cutting Machines typically have higher no-load voltages and operating voltages, and the voltage required to stabilize the plasma arc is higher when using gases with high ionization energies such as nitrogen, hydrogen or air. When the Polystyrene Cutting Machine current is constant, the increase in voltage means that the arc enthalpy increase and improve the cutting capacity. If the increase in the enthalpy, while reducing the diameter of the jet and increase the flow rate of the gas, often can get faster cutting speed and better cutting quality.
7. Cutting current: it is the most important cutting process parameters, directly determine the cutting thickness and speed, that is, cutting capacity. Impact:
1) Polystyrene Cutting Machine cutting current increases, arc energy increases, Polystyrene Cutting Machine cutting capacity, cutting speed is increased;
2) Polystyrene Cutting Machine cutting current increases, the arc diameter increases, the arc becomes thick so that the incision widened;
3) Polystyrene Cutting Machine cutting current is too large so that the nozzle heat load increases, the nozzle prematurely damaged, cutting the quality of natural decline, or even can not be normal cut. So before cutting according to the thickness of the material correctly selected cutting current and the corresponding nozzle.
8. Polystyrene Cutting Machine nozzle height: refers to the Polystyrene Cutting Machine nozzle surface and the cutting surface distance, which constitutes a part of the entire arc length. Since the plasma arc cutting generally uses a constant current or steep drop characteristic, the nozzle height increases, the current changes little, but increases the arc length and causes the arc voltage to increase, thereby increasing the arc power; but at the same time Exposure to the arc in the environment increases, the energy loss of the arc column increases. In the case of the combined effect of the two factors, the former's role is often completely offset by the latter, but will reduce the effective cutting energy, resulting in reduced cutting capacity. Usually the performance of the cutting jet is weakened, the residual slag in the lower part of the incision is increased, the upper edge is over-melted and rounded. In addition, from the morphological aspects of the plasma jet, the diameter of the jet is outwardly expanding after leaving the muzzle, and the increase in the height of the polystyrene cutter will inevitably lead to an increase in the width of the cut. Therefore, the use of small nozzle height as far as possible to improve the cutting speed and cutting quality are useful, but the nozzle height is too low may cause double arc phenomenon. The use of ceramic outer nozzle can be set to zero nozzle height, that is, the nozzle face directly contact the surface to be cut, you can get very good results.