Polystyrene Cutting Machine Analysis Of Flatness Of Cutting Surface

- Sep 28, 2017-

When cutting stainless steel, because the hot zone quickly through the critical temperature of 649 ℃, so that chromium carbide will not precipitate along the grain boundary. Therefore, the use of Polystyrene Cutting Machine stainless steel does not affect its resistance to erosion.
Such as cutting Mg 5% of the aluminum alloy, although 0.25mm thick melting layer, but the composition has not changed, nor the emergence of oxides. If you use the Polystyrene Cutting Machine to cut the surface directly to the welding, you can get a dense weld. This provides an advantage for thin plate irregular curve cutting and cutting of irregular holes. In the case where the upper edge of the cut is melted, the interval between the two cutting faces immediately adjacent to the melting layer is abnormal. This involves the cutting material material, the proportion of various metal content and the cutting process in the grasp of the height of the torch. The flatness of the cutting surface is the highest point and the lowest point on the cutting surface of the measured part, and the spacing between the two parallel lines in the direction of the cutting plane. Polystyrene Cutting Machine In the use of high-energy ion arc cutting, in order to ensure the uniformity of the width of the cut, the need for comprehensive analysis of various aspects of consideration.
The width of the incision is 2.8 to 2 times wider than that of the oxygen-acetylene cut, and the width of the incision increases as the thickness increases. On the thickness of 25mm below the stainless steel or aluminum, can be small current plasma arc cutting, incision flatness is very high, especially cutting thickness of 8mm below the plate, you can cut out small edges and corners, or even without processing Direct welding, which is high current Polystyrene Cutting Machine arc cutting is difficult to get. Conventionally, there is a melting layer of about 0.25 to 3.80 mm thick on the surface of the plasma arc, but the chemical composition of the incision surface does not change.
Polystyrene Cutting Machine is the use of plasma arc through the material surface to achieve cutting effect, the plasma arc is often from the incision of the upper part of the lower part of the cut more metal, so that the incision of the mouth slightly tilted, the upper edge of the general was square, but sometimes slightly round. May cause the cutting beam to cause the two cutting faces at the upper edge of the cut.
The application of an open CNC system to the Polystyrene Cutting Machine not only reduces the cost of system acquisition, but also has a negative impact, that is, the cutting process may be due to the relevant process parameters set unreasonable lead to some cutting off the fire problem. Here we call the open Polystyrene Cutting Machine control system is the origin of the cutting graphics compiled open design, such as cutting sequence, cutting the number of lead design, cutting compensation and other aspects, of course, as a corporate application, Polystyrene Cutting Machine off the fire is not the focus of the enterprise, only as a material to see the application itself, Polystyrene Cutting Machine cutting quality and accuracy is the key, the equipment in the cutting process is likely to break the size of the part Some interference, then the core of the problem is to solve the flame cutting process of the fire problem.
In the case of polystyrene Cutting Machine, the reason should be analyzed first, followed by software flexibility, which can eliminate the processing error of Polystyrene Cutting Machine through software compensation. Once the fire back to re-cut parts will be wounded, days Fu NC that Polystyrene Cutting Machine phenomenon of broken fire for the following two reasons:
1. Polystyrene Cutting Machine, such as the appearance of neat reasons: the rate is too fast; oxygen pressure is too high; the flame is too soft; appearance patent leather jump into the cut mouth;
2. Polystyrene Cutting Machine power supply problems, see what you use the power, according to a customer to reflect: my Polystyrene Cutting Machine is also behind the show this problem, call the sales staff, said the power problem, give me For the power, it did not show this situation, the cutting effect than before a great upgrade, if you also show similar problems, but also to give them the first consultation.
In addition, the Polystyrene Cutting Machine operates at a very low speed (sometimes as low as 0.1 m / min). The drive ratio of the machine drive train is relatively large. The Polystyrene Cutting Machine is a large CNC device. So the transmission rigidity of the machine drive system is significantly lower. In addition, the machining accuracy of the parts in the equipment and the accuracy of the assembly are not high and the error of the tooth cycle has a significant effect on the transmission accuracy of the machine itself, resulting in a large operating error in the direction of the track. The height and cutting speed of the flame cutting moment and the cutting speed will significantly affect the quality and width of the cutting seam. Thus directly affecting the dimensional accuracy of the workpiece.