Polystyrene Block Molding Machine Three - Parameter Correlation Of Optical Radiation

- Sep 28, 2017-

Polystyrene Block Molding Machine is one of the major hazards caused by plasma arc light during cutting. In general, strong light radiation hazards can be prevented by wearing protective mirrors. For high power plasma cutting equipment, Fully closed workplace to control, this article will be mainly on the Polystyrene Block Molding Machine five core parameters to talk about the impact of the formation of optical radiation hazards.
The five core parameters involved in the Polystyrene Block Molding Machine include:
Polystyrene Block Molding Machine
That is, the arc height, because the plasma arc is the rugby shape, so the arc height seriously affect the cutting quality, if the choice is not appropriate, will form a cutting surface is not vertical or serious bias, in general, thick plate arc height is smaller than the thin plate.
2. Polystyrene Block Molding Machine
After conditioning the arc pressure to regulate the size of the output plasma energy, the larger the arc voltage, the greater the output energy.
Polystyrene Block Molding Machine
Mainly used for perforation, the purpose of delay is to normal perforation, cutting is the time from the perforation to travel time, thick plate delay time is greater than the sheet.
Polystyrene Block Molding Machine
Reasonable parameters as long as an optimum moving speed.
5. Polystyrene Block Molding Machine
Automatic adjustment system is the main conditioning of the perforation height, perforation height is set to maintain the cutting torch, unreasonable perforation height easy to damage the wearing parts and even the formation of burning serious results.
The above-mentioned five core parameters of the Polystyrene Block Molding Machine caused by the large optical radiation intensity, which is mainly composed of ultraviolet radiation, visible radiation and infrared radiation composition, especially the UV intensity, such as the wavelength of 260-290μm ultraviolet radiation relative strength is argon Arc welding 2.2 times. The harm to the human body in addition to optical radiation, there are soot and other toxic gases, high-intensity high-frequency noise, high-frequency oscillator generated by the high frequency of harm to the human body. So the plasma cutting machine operating position is a Class B toxic and hazardous jobs.
Polystyrene Block Molding Machine Plasma is a special material form, modern physical it is listed in solid, liquid, gaseous matter after the fourth state.
The plasma arc is a compression arc obtained by forced compression, heat compression and magnetic shrinkage, forced compression, and its energy concentration is high, the temperature is high (arc center temperature 18000-24000K), the flame flow rate is large (up to 300m / s or more).
Plasma cutting is the use of plasma arc column to melt the high temperature to be cut material, and blow away from the base material to form a cutting material to separate the material. So much larger than the scope of application of oxidative cutting.
Polystyrene Block Molding Machine cutting advantage is mainly reflected in the cutting efficiency and cost, which is different from the flame cutting, the general plasma processing speed can reach 5-7 times the flame cutting, but Polystyrene Block Molding Machine problem is cut sag There is no qualitative answer to this problem, because the manufacturers Polystyrene Block Molding Machine equipment is different, different materials will have a certain impact. In general, the cutting rate and accuracy of the Polystyrene Block Molding Machine must be better than flame cutting. CNC cutting machine absolute for the manual cutting machine, that is, save time and effort, but also to improve the efficiency of cutting.