Operation Mode And Fault Analysis Of Polystyrene Cutting Machine

- Jun 19, 2017-

Operation Mode and Fault Analysis of Polystyrene Cutting Machine
 1) Polystyrene Cutting Machine torch and workpiece contact press the button to cut. Can be cut from the edge of the workpiece, the plate thickness is not large, but also at any point in the workpiece to start cutting. The torch can be tilted slightly perpendicular to the workpiece or to the side,
But in the middle of the workpiece openings, the torch should be slightly tilted to the side, in order to blow out the molten metal, cut through the metal.
    2) Press the button and press the main circuit to turn on, and the high-frequency oscillator will work until the cutting arc is formed. The high-frequency oscillator will stop working. It can then be cut by the movement of the torch. While the cutting indicator light is on.
    3) Polystyrene Cutting Machine cutting must be cut after the metal can even move, otherwise it will damage the nozzle. Moving too fast or too slow will affect the cutting quality.
    4) Polystyrene Cutting Machine cutting pressure adjustment: cutting pressure is too high, the flow is too large, will affect the cutting thickness. Cutting pressure too small will affect the service life of the nozzle.
    5) lift the torch away from the workpiece, you must send the handle button, then the plasma arc extinguished, the cutting process to stop.
    6) Polystyrene Cutting Machine cutting process, due to the torch away from the workpiece more than 2 mm and arc, you need to re-arc. 7) due to the connection working time is too long cause the main transformer temperature exceeds 110 ℃, the thermal control switch action, the device will automatically shut down, can not start. Should be restarted when the transformer is cooled.
    8) often remove the filter in the valve in the water, that is, counterclockwise rotation of the bottom of the screw, remove the water and then tighten. If the compressed air in the water too much, should consider the filter between the valve and the gas supply and then add a filter valve, otherwise it will affect the cutting quality
    9) When cutting the workpiece without cutting, press the torch button as little as possible to avoid damage to the parts.
   10) After cutting all the workpieces, turn off the power switch and the gas source valve.
 Polystyrene Cutting Machine in the course of the operation, the operator's experience in terms of the quality of the processed products is also less or less the impact and difference, and today we come to tell us how to make Polystyrene Cutting Machine Processing to achieve the best cutting effect.
In the use of Polystyrene Cutting Machine cutting processing if you want to achieve better results, you should do the following:
1, the torch gently contact the workpiece surface, both to ensure a good cutting effect can extend the torch life;
2, the torch and the workpiece should be maintained at a vertical angle;
 3, should be cut from the edge of the workpiece, and to ensure that the arc completely penetrated, and then further cutting;
4, to maintain the pressure in the specified range, the greater the effect of pressure is not the better;
5, require the work cable should be as close as possible with the workpiece;
6, to keep the air clean and dry, no oil;
7, after the completion of cutting, at the end of the place a little stay to ensure complete disconnection.