Moisture Resistance Of Polystyrene

- Jun 16, 2016-

Pore structure of extruded plate with tightly closed. Polystyrene molecular structure itself does not absorb water, the front and back of the plate has no gaps and, therefore, very low water absorption, moisture permeability and anti-excellent. High pressure: extrusion plate due to the foam structure are closely linked and no gap between the wall and the compressive strength is extremely high, even if the blister has not changed for a long time. So used to parking platforms, airport runways, highways and other areas can be a good impact resistance.

Anti-corrosion and durability: rigid foam insulation materials used in General easy to aging in a few years, with the resulting in decreased water absorption properties. Extruded boards due to excellent corrosion, aging resistance, insulation performance in high vapor pressure, has been able to maintain its excellent performance, the service life can reach 30-40.