Maintenance Method Of Polystyrene Expander Machine

- Jul 04, 2017-

Maintenance method of Polystyrene Expander Machine

Polystyrene expander is the waste solvent, used, old solvent recycling equipment, equipment is composed of metal accessories, maintenance of equipment in time when in use process, help to the normal use of equipment, prolong service life, the routine maintenance of polystyrene expander are summarized in this paper:

1. To obtain the best repair effect, the different polystyrene expander should be used to recover different solvents. If the polystyrene expander maintains good cleaning and working order, it will save a lot of time of recovery and cleaning time.

2. Polystyrene Expander Machine It is best to lubricate the key parts of the Polystyrene Expander Machine after work every day. The sealing ring, spring, needle valve and suction nozzle must be replaced regularly due to wear and aging of normal parts. The replacement should be made according to the instructions of the manufacturer of Polystyrene Expander Machine. Because excessive oil can flow into the paint and oil channel, causing the recovery defect, the lubrication must be very careful, the oil and the paint mix will reduce the recovery quality. Polystyrene Expander Machine Do not inflate the captain's time in the cleaning fluid. This will harden the seal ring and damage the lubrication effect.

Organic expander recycled polystyrene most of the solvent, and for high boiling point for recycling the solvent, can be used for vacuum device of polystyrene expander, can greatly reduce recovery time and energy, because polystyrene expander vacuum relief device has the following functions:

1. As a storage device,

2. Special section recovery function to solve the problem of mixing solvent foaming.

3. The corresponding vacuum pump, recycling of high boiling point solvents under 300 ℃.

4. The corresponding condenser, recycled - 25 ℃ ∽ 60 ℃ low boiling point solvent.

5. Avoid recycling clean solvents to contact with the outside world, reduce volatilization, and be safer.

6. Reduce the boiling point of the solvent by vacuuming, so that the solvent can be recovered at lower heating temperature.

The polystyrene expander with vacuum device is a good helper for you to recycle high boiling organic solvents.

Different the nature of the organic solvent is different, so using polystyrene expander is also different, so the corresponding requirement for polystyrene manufacturing expander is different also, the following about waste water polystyrene that day expander manufacturing requirements:

The recycled barrel material is 2.0mm thick SS304 stainless steel plate;

2. The material of the condenser plate is 1.2mm thick galvanized sheet, and the seal is good.

3.Polystyrene Expander Machine The overall numerical control sheet metal punch with a strong thickness of 2.0mm and appearance powder

4. No more than 1mm of the needle eye and 2mm air bubbles in the surface of the spray-plastic surface of 1dm2;

5. Polystyrene Expander Machine The heater in heat medium oil corrosion resistance, no leakage, can withstand greater than the temperature of 300 ℃;

Many manufacturing enterprises in the process of production will be used to all kinds of organic solvents, such as cleaning the parts with alcohol, washing time, solvent is because there are too many impurities and can't be used again, if lost would be wasted, long term is a huge loss, and these dirty alcohol solvent distillation polystyrene expander can be used to recycle and reuse, called components of low boiling point volatile components, the composition of high boiling point known as volatile components, such waste solvent can be simplified into a two-component liquid mixture, when temperature is below 160 ℃, resin, Polystyrene Expander Machine paint and aluminium powder can be treated as non-volatile solid matter, therefore by heating gasification and condensation can be waste solvent to separate from it.

2. Characteristics of the distill polystyrene expander

Distillation polystyrene expander is a set of car coating production developed specifically for polystyrene expander, through the site and the manual spraying robot installation waste solvent recycling tank, Polystyrene Expander Machine then use the diaphragm pump concentrated to collected waste solvent tank spray cleaning waste generated by the solvent

The pneumatic explosion-proof agitator and the liquid level controller are installed on the waste solvent tank. When the liquid level reaches the control limit, jexing polystyrene expansion will be automatically loaded and distilled.