How To Make The Polystyrene Recycling Machine More Productive

- Jun 27, 2017-

How to make the Polystyrene Recycling Machine more productive
 Polystyrene Recycling Machine is the enterprise's competitive strength embodied, to maximize the use of Polystyrene Recycling Machine, the enterprise to improve efficiency and competitiveness are very useful. Enterprises can not only pay attention to the utilization of CNC equipment and the best features, but also must pay attention to equipment maintenance and repair, it is a direct impact on whether the long-term normal operation of CNC equipment key. In order to maintain the number of equipment in good condition to make it fully effective, in the equipment management and technical management work should pay attention to the following aspects:
1. Improve the equipment management agencies
The manufacturing department should set up CNC equipment and maintenance positions, commitment to workshop Polystyrene Recycling Machine management and maintenance work. Hired some of the experienced professional technicians and has a strong professional knowledge, sense of responsibility and have a certain ability to work the mechanical, electrical engineers, responsible for the daily management of CNC equipment maintenance work.
2. Develop and improve rules and regulations
For the characteristics of Polystyrene Recycling Machine, and gradually develop the appropriate management system, such as CNC equipment management system, Polystyrene Recycling Machine safe operation procedures, the use of CNC equipment operating procedures, CNC equipment, technical management practices, maintenance of CNC equipment Maintenance procedures, etc., so that the equipment management more standardized and systematic.
3. Establish a sound equipment file
The establishment of CNC equipment maintenance files and shift records, the NC equipment operation and failure of a detailed record, in particular, the equipment failure time, location, cause, solution and solution to be detailed records and archives, so that in the future Of the operation, maintenance work reference.
4. Strengthen the acceptance of CNC equipment
In order to ensure the quality of the new equipment, strengthen the equipment installation and commissioning and acceptance work, especially the equipment acceptance of this link, the important performance of the machine involved in precision, precision indicators, control contracts, technical agreements, international and domestic standards and acceptance Items are checked item by item. Machine debugging is completed, the use of RS232 interface to the machine parameters for data transmission as a backup, to prevent machine file (parameter) is lost.
5. Strengthen the construction of maintenance teams
CNC equipment set machine, electricity, liquid (gas), light in a high-tech products, high technical content, operation and maintenance difficult. Therefore, we must establish a high-quality maintenance team to meet the needs of equipment maintenance. To take the use of equipment installation and internal training classes and other forms of CNC equipment operation, maintenance, programming and management personnel equipment operation and maintenance technical training.
6. Establishment of Polystyrene Recycling Machine
As the coastal areas of the small and medium-sized enterprises with more, they in the management of CNC equipment and maintenance may be insufficient resources, but also because of the vast number of CNC equipment, hardware, software support is not the same, so to the maintenance work A lot of difficulties. To this end, with the regional mold enterprises can establish friendly contacts, management and maintenance aspects of the exchange of experience, exchange of information, so that the parties are beneficial to the enterprise.