Functional Requirements For Parts Of Polystyrene Shape Molding Machine

- Sep 14, 2017-

Functional requirements for parts of Polystyrene Shape Molding Machine
Parts of the functional requirements refers to the parts in use, in order to ensure the use of performance that is to adapt to a variety of load, work environment and other factors made by the requirements of the prototype parts of the material and structure of the request.
For example, the spindle and handle of the machine tool are the same as the shaft parts, but the bearing and the working condition are different. The spindle is the key part of the machine tool. The size, shape and machining precision are very demanding, complicated force, only allowed in the long-term use Very small deformation, it should be used 45 steel or 40Cr and other materials with good comprehensive mechanical properties, forging and strict cutting and processing and heat treatment made of the machine tool handle is made of low carbon steel round bar or ordinary gray cast iron Rough, can be done by simple cutting, no heat treatment.
Therefore, when determining the rough type of the Polystyrene Shape Molding Machine, the functional requirements of the parts must be considered first. It is necessary to meet the comprehensive functional requirements for the performance, materials and structure of the parts, taking into account the characteristics of the three parts, Requirements are paramount.
As a result of the rapid improvement of modern processing accuracy, people began to explore the machine in the processing and measurement errors can be completely eliminated? Processing accuracy there is no limit.
Since the Polystyrene Shape Molding Machine is a change in the shape and size of the part, it is not desirable that the physical and mechanical properties of the part material be changed before and after processing. Therefore, the machining is best done only by removing or adding an atom or molecule from the part. So the theoretical limit of machining is the size of an atom or a molecule. The theoretical limit of its machining accuracy can only be atomic lattice distance, that is, ultra-precision machining precision is limit.
However, different processing materials and crystal structure, the processing accuracy of the limit is not the same, according to the crystal interatomic distance calculation, crystal materials, paper machine machining accuracy of the theoretical limit of 0.142-0.525nm.
Polystyrene Shape Molding Machine The machinery manufacturing industry itself is also subject to major adjustments. Automobile, high-speed rail and other industry situation is not optimistic. In particular, more than the introduction of car purchase order, the whole car industry has been lowered throughout the year. It is understood that Chery, BYD and other domestic auto brand this year's equipment investment has been basically completed. At the same time, high-speed rail, wind power and other industries last year, there are signs of slowdown in investment.
Raw material prices continue to rise so many companies complain bitterly. Incomplete statistics, this year's Polystyrene Shape Molding Machine market prices rose generally between 4% to 10%, which imported brand Polystyrene Shape Molding Machine rose generally around 10%, or even higher. Raw material prices indirectly affect the profit growth of the tool business, according to the current data show that the vast majority of the prototype machine companies can complete the established sales, but sales did not increase accordingly, the amount of growth depends entirely on price increases. From the Polystyrene Shape Molding Machine, it is not difficult to see that Shenyang Machine Tool and other leading enterprises reported a 40% year-on-year decrease in profits, and the macroeconomic factors such as rising raw materials and rising labor costs increased significantly in the case of operating income growth The business burden of the enterprise.
Statistics from the whole machinery industry can be seen in the first half of the machinery industry to achieve steady and rapid growth at the same time, the growth rate of moderate decline. And the government began in the end of 2008 4 trillion investment is nearing its end, proofing machine needs to pull the effect of gradually weakened, the international economic environment is not completely recovered. The impact of the macroeconomic environment on the Polystyrene Shape Molding Machine industry remains to be seen