Discussion On The Difference Between Three Cuttings In Terms Of Polystyrene Block Molding Machine

- Sep 06, 2017-

Discussion on the difference between three cuttings in terms of Polystyrene Block Molding Machine
   CNC laser cutting machine: high precision; fast; heat affected area is small, not easy to deformation. Slit smooth, beautiful, without post-processing.
   Polystyrene Block Molding Machine: Flame cutting due to air pressure, cutting nozzle height, and warm-up time and other factors, the overall cutting material deformation scale is large, can not meet the needs of high-precision cutting, and cutting speed is low, Hot, spend time, it is difficult to adapt to the needs of unmanned operation.
    CNC plasma cutting machine: plasma cutting with cutting speed, wide range of features, suitable for cutting low-thickness metal sheet and a variety of non-metallic materials, the maximum cutting speed of up to 10m / min, flame cutting 10 times. Underwater cutting can eliminate the noise generated during cutting, dust, harmful gases and arc, is conducive to environmental requirements.
   In general, Polystyrene Block Molding Machine, CNC plasma cutting machine technology is a set of numerical control technology, computer software and hardware technology, plasma cutting technology, precision machinery technology in one of the high-tech. The development of CNC cutting can completely change the level of domestic thermal cutting industry equipment, to reverse the current heat cutting industry is the existence of low efficiency, poor quality, labor intensity, low utilization of materials, the environment is dirty and messy situation, narrowing the gap with foreign advanced countries The At the same time, the development of CNC cutting technology can lead the relevant fields and disciplines to the international advanced level.
  In today's production, industrial operations play a huge utility, but it is mentioned that Polystyrene Block Molding Machine Molding Machine is not very well known, Polystyrene Block Molding Machine in the most mighty Polystyrene Block Molding Machine operation of what Hazardous? Once ignored this problem will cause a little light trauma, serious disability or even death, then how can we effectively prevent these dangers?
    1, please do not wet hands to operate any switch knob to prevent electric shock.
    2, when the power or the machine is running, please do not touch the electrical cabinet and console any electrical components. Otherwise an electric shock occurs.
    3, please do not live to check the line or replace the electrical components, or electric shock or injury. Always turn off the power before checking the route or replacing the electrical components.
    4, with the appropriate technical qualifications of the maintenance staff, and should be in strict accordance with the electrical maintenance technical requirements to repair the equipment to prevent accidents, do not have the relevant maintenance personnel to remember not to repair Polystyrene Block Molding Machine. Polystyrene Block Molding Machine It is a kind of electricity equipment, as long as it is a power equipment it is dangerous, in the operation Polystyrene Block Molding Machine must pay attention to safety awareness. Because this is the risk of electric shock, but now many people use Polystyrene Block Molding Machine when they do not pay attention to safe operation procedures at random operation, strictly abide by the above principles. Can try to avoid accidents.
    From the point of view of the sale of the Polystyrene Block Molding Machine, the customer has also recognized the advantages of the Polystyrene Block Molding Machine, but the price factor and the stability of the system are still constraining the glimpse of the Polystyrene Block Molding Machine. The main factors of the application. So to reduce product costs and improve the stability of the system is a small dragon door Polystyrene Block Molding Machine to be widely popular key, small dragon door CNC cutting the main cost comes from the external control of the numerical control system. Reduce the cost of outsourcing CNC system, can fundamentally reduce the cost of the machine.