Comparison Of Processing And Conventional Processing Methods Of Polystyrene Block Molding Machine In Automobile

- Aug 04, 2017-

Comparison of Processing and Conventional Processing Methods of Polystyrene Block Molding Machine in Automobile
       With the automobile manufacturing brand gradually increased, and the automobile manufacturing technology is gradually mature, automobile manufacturing market competition pressure is also growing. And now the consumer's performance and design of the car is more and more harsh, not only need to maintain excellent performance of the car, but also need the car in the manufacturing process has a unique design. So now many car manufacturers, in order to win the favor of customers, had to use the current high-tech means for processing, as now the laser technology is one of them. In today's automobile manufacturing use of the current laser technology, not only for many parts of the cutting, welding, but also on the auto parts laser marking, with processing speed, high efficiency, reliable performance, high precision, Many aspects of the traditional processing methods can not match the advantages. The following small series of simple introduction under the Polystyrene Block Molding Machine in the automotive industry applications.
        In the process of welding, because the Polystyrene Block Molding Machine is the use of high-energy density of the laser beam as a heat source, unlike the traditional process that requires the use of sheet metal stacking welding, the whole process does not need to contact the surface of processed products, so the process has Traditional welding means can not match the advantages. It is widely used in the roof welding and body welding of automobile manufacturing. It is not only welded firmly, beautiful, soundproof and strong, and has good sealing, and the welding gap is small, and the weld is deep. It is very suitable for precision welding of automobile. In the current car manufacturing process, the use of Polystyrene Block Molding Machine welding has become a trend, not only improve the quality of the product, so that the weld can be achieved with the base material of the same strength, while welding surface smooth, not Will affect the mechanical properties of products, and the use of traditional resistance welding, the sealing is not good, need to install stripes, high cost. Although the current price of Polystyrene Block Molding Machine and fiber laser marking machine prices, laser cutting machine prices are more expensive than the traditional equipment, but laser processing, reliability, efficiency, precision, high quality and so on Attainments are difficult to match the traditional technical means, which is laser processing in many areas of the application of the important reasons.
   With the rapid development of laser technology, laser application technology is more and more widely used in automotive, aerospace, defense industry, shipbuilding, marine engineering, nuclear power equipment, high-tech electronics, precision machining, biomedical and other fields. Polystyrene Block Molding Machine as a laser application in one direction, is based on traditional processing technology and modern laser technology complex. As the Polystyrene Block Molding Machine power density is high, the release of energy fast, so the efficiency of processing than the traditional way of high efficiency, Polystyrene Block Molding Machine processing has more than the traditional processing more superior processing characteristics.
      Polystyrene Block Molding Machine is the use of high-energy laser pulse on the material within a small area of local heating, laser radiation through the heat conduction to the internal diffusion of materials, the material melts to form a specific pool. It is a new type of welding, mainly for thin-walled materials, precision parts of the welding, can achieve spot welding, butt welding, stack welding, sealing welding, high aspect ratio, small weld width, heat affected area is small, Deformation is small, welding speed, weld smooth, beautiful, no need to deal with after welding or just a simple treatment, high quality weld, no pores, can be precisely controlled, focused light spot, high positioning accuracy, easy to achieve automation. The traditional process requires the use of sheet metal stacking, Polystyrene Block Molding Machine in the whole process does not require contact with the surface of processed products, so the laser processing process has the traditional welding means can not match the advantages.