Chemical And Plastics Testing Properties Of Polystyrene

- Jun 16, 2016-

Transparent PS pellet which is obtained by addition polymerization of styrene monomer, amorphous polymers. Colorless, transparent, excellent optical properties and high rigidity. Brittle crack, after biaxial tensile than soft and flexible, transparent representation of the PS are as follows:

Density 1.05 g/cm3

Tensile strength 48.3MPa.

Bending strength of 82.7MPa.

Typical shrinkage 0.0045 in/in

5-8x10-5in/coefficient of thermal expansion (in • ° c)

Elongation percent

Vicat softening point 225 f

Y-Ray resistance polystyrene itself, so y-irradiation sterilization has no impact on product performance. Polystyrene is soluble in aromatic solvents and certain ketones and methyl ethyl ketone dissolved in. Transparent PS particles melt index range is 1-25 g/10 min or higher than 25 g/10 min. It has a heat-resisting high grade (Vicat softening point 223 ° f), also have low residual monomer content grades.