Application Of Polystyrene Expander Machine In Energy Saving Process

- Jun 19, 2017-

Application of Polystyrene Expander Machine in Energy Saving Process
 The use of Polystyrene Expander Machines in the energy saving process of industrial gases has been the history of many years of expansion machine technology can achieve high yield, the factory layout is compact, and the use of the air in the "free" pressure drop and operational flexibility. The proven new high-efficiency Polystyrene Expander Machines are also economically viable to recover the energy of various waste heat sources. The use of Polystyrene Expander Machines in the energy-saving process is to take ethane and propane, to control the production of liquefied natural gas , Flash well hydrocarbon liquid, recovery of natural gas pressure drop release energy and oil field cogeneration.

  The dry-treated gas is consistent with the low-temperature product of the stripper and is then processed by an expander. Part of the power used to recompress the residual lean gas. Several improved types of such processes, including multistage arrangements, have been used, all depending on the raw material composition, the requirements for product recovery, or the specifications for the sale of the gas. If the processing plant is installed in or near the gas field, the gas must be piped to the best location for final treatment or liquefaction processing, but to prevent the formation of condensate pipeline. So that the use of such a simple process to provide the required water and hydrocarbon point. The set of horsepower inflated compressors was delivered to Algeria Sonatrak to use this process in the Hasselimuel gas field. Gas treatment regardless of the point of control, to provide sales of the specified value of the gas or recovery of natural gas solution, in addition to the above expansion machine processing technology, the other process available there are Joule a Tom expansion, external cooling and absorption Refrigeration technology.
  The process of using a Polystyrene Expander Machine and its directly mounted compressor is used to re-compress the tail gas after the dispenser to achieve a net increase in process gas compression, but the total power required for the plant is less than that of external refrigeration, Where the use of Polystyrene Expander Machine process technology, where the first is from the expansion machine to obtain refrigeration, followed by power. However, the current efforts to find alternative energy and build more energy-saving devices, in which the middle Polystyrene Expander Machine is playing its new important role.
Polystyrene Expander Machine is the key equipment for air separation equipment and natural gas (liquefied petroleum gas) liquefaction separation equipment and low temperature pulverizing equipment to obtain the cooling capacity. It is the heart to ensure the stable operation of the whole equipment.