Advantages And Disadvantages Of Polystyrene Shape Molding Machine

- Jun 19, 2017-

Advantages and Disadvantages of Polystyrene Shape Molding Machine
Polystyrene molding machine in the process due to the decline in the flow rate of plasma arc caused by the trajectory of the trajectory, so the cutting section of the workpiece will show a certain angle of the slope, and the slope of the section is the plasma cutting process can not be avoided. Under normal circumstances, the domestic plasma power supply cutting surface slope between the control of 5--15 °, if the processing of the plate is not particularly thick, then the cutting surface slope will not be obvious, if the workpiece face no special requirements, I believe Plasma cutting is also the preferred device for your processing.
The specific plasma cutting effect is determined by many factors, for example, the setting of the cutting speed, the pressure of the air compressor to adjust the cutting mouth loss ....... reasons are more, as you The results are not satisfied with the cutting can be linked to the purchase of manufacturers to conduct investigation, adjustment, plasma power is only one of the factors affecting the cutting effect.
If you have special requirements on the slope of the cutting surface, you can use the imported brand of plasma power, the slope of the control accuracy is higher, but the corresponding price is also improved. Or other processing methods, such as: wire cutting, water cutting, laser cutting, but these cutting methods corresponding to the plasma cutting in the cost and efficiency of the coordination degree may be much lower. If your plate is made of carbon steel, it is recommended that you use polystyrene molding machine, vertical section, so that the processing effect will be better.
In the polystyrene molding machine use process, usually for the maintenance of the machine is also very important, the following we introduce about the CNC polystyrene molding machine bearing wear on the coping method: CNC bearing lubrication is not sufficient: INA lubricating lubricants Full or improperly may cause component abrasion or severe bearing deformation. Precautions: Improve the lubrication system and regularly add or replace the lubricant. Bearing operation is not standardized: bearing installation, operation or disassembly may cause the cage deformation or defects. Precautions: Use appropriate tools to install and remove the tool. Bearing External material: abrasive particulate contamination and debris invasion may cause INA bearing face wear, abrasion and sag. Precautions: Remove invasive particles and debris, replace the lubricant, and check the sealing system. Bearing eccentricity: eccentric, tilted or oversized loads may cause geometric stress concentration or surface peeling. Precautions: Use precision machining of INA housings and shoulders.