What Do You Need To Do Before Starting The Polystyrene Expander Machine?

- Jun 09, 2017-

What do you need to do before starting the Polystyrene Expander Machine?
Polystyrene expansion machine in the start before the need to do what preparatory work, the following we will from the following six aspects to do professional interpretation.

1. Check the oil and gas tank oil level is in the oil level gauge between the two lines, should not be added. Note that there is no pressure in the system before refueling (the oil level is less than 10 minutes after the stop), and the oil level is slightly lower during operation.
2. Make sure there is no pressure inside the system.
3. The new Polystyrene Expander Machine for the first time to start or disable for a long time and boot, you should first remove the air filter cover, from the inlet to add about 0.5 liters of lubricants, to prevent the start of the loss of oil The
4. Slightly open the bottom of the oil and gas tank drain valve, the lower part of the discharge of lubricating oil condensate and dirt, see the oil out that is closed to prevent premature deterioration of lubricating oil. The following are the same as the "
5. Check the air compressor parts are intact, the protection devices, instruments, valves, piping and joints are damaged or loose. The following are the same as the "
6. Open the exhaust valve.

Polystyrene Expander Machine in the start as long as the steps in accordance with the above steps, step by step on the inspection, operation, can do a good start and maintenance, to extend the life of the machine is very critical, usually in the course of the use Pay more attention to the details, on the one hand can make their own operating skills to enhance the other on the machine is also a very good maintenance.
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