Strong demand for polystyrene

- Jun 16, 2016-

Demand, consumption growth at an astonishing pace, the market potential is large. Since the 90 's, polystyrene is in great demand in China, the rapid increase in consumption. In 1999, the country's total consumption of polystyrene to 2.43 million tons, increasing by more than 10 times over 1990, an average annual growth rate of 27.6%, the growth rate second only to ABS resins in the five common synthetic resin, more than 6 times the world average growth rate over the same period. It is predicted that the future demand for polystyrene in China will grow steadily, 2005 reached 3.17 million ~330 million tons, in 2010 will reach 3.9 million ~420 million tons, is optimistic about market prospects.