pu foam machine

- Nov 06, 2019-

The polyurethane foaming machine is a special equipment for perfusion foaming of polyurethane foam. As long as the polyurethane component raw materials (isocyanate component and polyether polyol component) performance indicators meet the formulation requirements. Uniform and qualified foam products can be produced by this equipment. The utility model is characterized in that a polyether polyol and a polyisocyanate are foamed by a chemical reaction in the presence of a plurality of chemical auxiliary agents such as a foaming agent, a catalyst and an emulsifier to obtain a foamed plastic. Polyurethane foaming machine can be used for automotive interior, thermal insulation wall coating, insulation pipe manufacturing, bicycle and motorcycle seat sponge processing.


1. Measurement standard: The low-speed high-precision metering pump is adopted. When the material temperature, pressure and viscosity fluctuate, the mixing ratio does not change to achieve the highest authenticity rate;

2, the pouring head has advanced structure, reliable performance, convenient operation, simple maintenance, and can be used for three-dimensional movement of front, back, left and right and up and down;

3, computer controlled pouring amount and automatic cleaning.


It is controlled by computer controller. The computer controller uses the advanced MCU unit embedding technology. It has precise timing, easy operation and convenient maintenance. The alarm relay prompts the previous injection and prepares for the next injection.

Foaming principle:

The two components of A and B are delivered to the mixing head by two high-precision metering pumps with precise mixing ratio and high-speed stirring. After high-speed and strong agitation, the liquid is evenly sprayed to form the desired product.

Machine classification:

From the power aspect classification can be divided into: high-speed impeller type, high-pressure air type, blast medium and low pressure type.

System composition:

A complete polyurethane foaming machine consists of the following systems: flow system, metering system, pneumatic system, heating system, cleaning system,

Mixing device.

Note: High and low pressure foaming machines and sprayers for producing polyurethane foam, pouring machines for producing polyurethane elastomer materials, filling machines for producing polyurethane filling materials, molding machines for shoe materials, and supporting production lines. Products are widely used in refrigerators, freezers, automobiles, shoes and polyurethane rubber industries