PS development proposals

- Jun 16, 2016-

1, develop raw materials of styrene production, thoroughly solve the problem of polystyrene by lack of materials. Shortage constrained the development of polystyrene production and therefore solve the raw material problem is one of the key to the development of polystyrene production. According to some estimates, by 2005, the domestic polystyrene production capacity will reach 2.2 million tons in 2010 will reach 3 million tons, the very large demand for styrene and styrene production capacity can not meet the needs of the plan. Polystyrene polystyrene huge demand for oil and two large petrochemical Corporation, has provided an opportunity for development of styrene production, two big corporations is an important producer of styrene, tried to expand the production capacity of styrene can provide adequate raw materials for domestic polystyrene production, also took the opportunity to market and achieved good economic benefits. 

2, seize the opportunity and actively occupy the domestic market. States cracking down on smuggling in recent years, import, due to cost considerations, some using imported raw materials the user starts looking for ways to replace the domestic suppliers of imported products, the domestic polystyrene production company to bring an excellent opportunity. Domestic polystyrene production enterprises should seize the opportunity and strive to improve product performance and quality, and strive to replace imported products to the maximum extent. In short, provided appropriate measures are taken, domestic polystyrene production can be a good development. Quitter's attitude is not desirable.