Impact strength of polystyrene

- Jun 16, 2016-

High-impact polystyrene impact strength test according to their relative performance is divided into several levels:

Medium impact resistant grade of notched cantilever beam impact strength for 0.6-1./i;

High impact grade shock resistance for 1.5-2.5ftlb/in;

High impact resistance impact strength level for >2./in

HIPS grade its impact strength values of up to 6./in, but this kind of resin is often used in blends to improve low-strength grades of resin in the resin high impact resistance of sugarcane.

Other important performance considerations for standard HIPS are as follows: flexural strength 13.8~55.1MPa; tensile strength 13.8-41.4MPa; elongation 15-75%; 1.035-1.04 g/ml density; Vicat softening 185-220 ° f. [5]

Only industrialized mixed with HIPS alloy is its blend with the PPO. This blend of heat resistance and toughness are very prominent, but the product price is much higher than HIPS alone product.