How are the EP Recycling Machine Versatile and Inexpensive?

- Dec 15, 2020-

The EPS Recycling Machine can be considered as a boon to the society as well as to the environment by recycling waste material. It is a simple machine that can be easily installed. It works on autopilot and the users can just set it and forget about it. It has a very large capacity and consumes low amount of power.

The main advantage of the EPS Recycling Machine over other recycling machines is that, it does not require any chemicals or other hazardous materials for its manufacture. In fact, the EPS Recycling Machine uses neither electricity nor any heat to operate. It simply consumes non-toxic polystyrene pellets and polyurethane chips as its raw ingredients and refills those chips with polymer.

A small hose attached to the EPS Recycling Machine creates the vacuum and directs the polystyrene pellets into the large chute. The chute is slowly lowered down to the bottom of the recycle bin. It is opened when the chute reaches the bottom and the heated polymer dry out in the form of hot polystyrene chips or foam. The resin is collected at the bottom of the bin. The polymer collected in the form of hot sheets is collected in the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger is connected to a compressor.

There are no warranties for the EPS Recycling Machine. It comes with a limited manufacturer's warranty that covers all defects in material and workmanship. The company offers a 5 years warranty on reconditioning and parts.

With the end recycling machine, there is also an option to purchase a machine that comes with a five years warranty. This option can be good for business owners since this machine has a lot of repetitive functions. You can also get a machine with a 10 year warranty if you want to get additional warranty coverage. However, it may not be advisable for small businesses since it is too costly for them to invest on a recycling machine that has limited functions.

The foam crushers of the EPS recycling machine are widely used. This is because this type of recycler is efficient in trapping different solid waste products and melting them until it becomes foam. The heated soap and the foam are then draining off from the machine, leaving the solid waste at the bottom of the crusher. It is important to use the right size of the sponge. This is because if the sponge is of the wrong size, the machine will not function properly.