foam moulding machine

- Nov 01, 2019-

The foam molding machine is divided into a vertical molding machine and a horizontal molding machine.

1) Vertical molding machine. The vertical molding machine is divided into semi-automatic control vertical forming machine and fully automatic control vertical forming machine. The semi-automatic vertical forming machine is further divided into two categories: 1 the lower model plate is fixed, the upper model plate is opened and closed, and multiple guns are simultaneously shot from the side of the upper mold. 2 The upper model plate is fixed, the lower model plate is opened and closed, the mold clamping and the foaming pattern are completed, and a plurality of material guns are simultaneously fed from the top surface of the upper mold.

2) Horizontal molding machine. As shown in the figure, the box is placed in the mold of the horizontal molding machine, and the two chambers are separately installed on the air chamber sealing plate. When foaming, each cavity can be separately controlled to control the foaming process to obtain the best. The foaming effect, the mold adopts the cylinder automatic core pulling, the horizontal molding machine horizontal molding machine reduces the demoulding time and prevents the demoulding deformation. When the molding machine is opened, the two foam plastic samples are demolded at the same time, which saves the molding of the whole product. Time, the mold design of this structure gathers all aspects of the design of the lost mold, represents the advanced design concept and ideas of the lost mold, and belongs to the pinnacle of the current lost mold.

Taking the box as an example, the most representative mold design of the automatic core pulling out in the lost foam mold is introduced. The main steps are as follows:

1) Analyze the possibility of foam molding, large size, 12mm wall thickness, complex structure and large batch size, suitable for lost foam casting.

2) Considering the convenience of the foam plastic pattern, the mold structure is simple in design, and the foam plastic pattern is divided into six large pieces and four small pieces by a combination molding on a horizontal molding machine.

3) The foamed plastic part of the piece is separately designed for the mold. The last piece of the single mold design from the right is taken as an example to introduce the mold design process: the parting surface design; the material gun design; the mold structure design; the cooling pipe design.

4) Assemble the separately designed mold on a set of air chamber sealing plates.