Foam Machines Without Water Are Perfect for Making Soap, Bubbles and More

- Jan 20, 2021-

You can never purchase a more condensed liquid foam than from the foam machine. Giant Foam is a great example of this. Their products include shower foam makers, foam cutting machines, and bath foam makers. All of these products help you create foam to fit your unique needs. Tight, compact, water resistant foam is the general category for all of their products. The tight weave tubes allow them to produce very concentrated foam that is perfect for many uses including bathroom and shower foam.

You can also take one gallon of Giant Foam and make it into about 150 gallons of soapy water using their air supply pump. You can also have the pump pre-measured to your specific requirements by contacting them directly. This foam machine has a pump and a blower that are equipped with a control knob and air supply cap. This unit is great for making bubble baths or whipped soap, but it does not come with the sprayer you would need if you wish to spray various other types of products.

The air pump and blower are equipped with features that make them more efficient than other foam machine options. The adjustable speed control allows you to set the speed at which the water pump turns on. The adjustable pressure control lets you control the amount of soapy water dispersed from the foam pit. And, as the name suggests, the foam generator is where all of the action occurs.

Giant foam machines without water are perfect for making DIY bubbles at home or at events such as a bubble party. You can make large quantities of soapy bubbles to decorate a variety of surfaces including cups and plates. At a baby shower, you can give the guests soapy water to decorate fruit trays, or you can give them individually wrapped chocolate bars or other treats. At a family oriented event, the kids will have a blast rolling around in a foam pit.

A foam machine with a pump also makes it easy to create your own inflatable water parks. Simply add a slide, hopper, raft or another feature and you have the perfect water park. The only real limitation to what you can do with a pump and a blower is that there are some designs that are better suited to vertical slides.

It might be easier to find foam machine rentals for small events, but if you have a large event coming up, you may want to consider renting larger machines. There are a large variety of designs available on the market that are made especially for large events such as picnics, birthday parties, barbeques and parties with a lot of people. You can find any type of machine that suits your needs.