foam insulation machine

- Nov 12, 2019-


1.insulation machine has passed atomic number 58 certification.

2. The instrumentation is hydraulicly driven, the facility is powerful, the operating pressure is stable, and also the spraying is uniform.

3. The instrumentation has low failure rate, straightforward board setting, convenient movement, convenient operation, quick heating speed, uniform spraying and saving 100 percent material.

4. The instrumentation uses a specially designed two-way booster pump to make sure low back pressure fluctuations and electric sander operating pressure.

5. The high-speed current lubricating fluid within the anti-vulcanized oil cylinder will quickly take away the run of raw materials or impurities. The ISO shaft is usually immersed within the lubricating fluid to avoid crystallization.

6. This machine is provided with high-voltage heater, adopts the initial variable frequency heating technology, the heating speed is quicker, the temperature fluctuation is smaller, and also the stuff is usually within the ideal temperature setting state.

7. intrinsical heater temperature sensing element, period assortment of stuff temperature, creating temperature management a lot of correct,

8. The heating hose is roofed with insulation layer and wear-resistant sheath, that is well insulated, safe and sturdy.

9. The heater uses a special frequency management device, heating equally, the hose is totally sealed and waterproof, the outer casing is insulated and wearable, safe and sturdy, so the heater is well controlled.

10. The structure is easy, the operation is reliable, and also the pump body will work while not wattage.


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