foam injection molding machine

- Nov 05, 2019-

Savings in weight and material, dimensional stability and higher productivity are aspects that fireplace the imagination of developers. All the additional shocking is that the undeniable fact that injection molding specialists have addressed the physical foaming of thermoplastics rather hesitatingly within the past. particularly in light-weight construction, the MuCell method offers nice potential.

As shortly because the subject of foaming comes up, several consultants ad libitum think about reaction technology. Admittedly, this year is that the seventy fifth day of the invention of polymer. so much younger than that's thermoplastic foam injection molding (FIM), that has solely been glorious since the 1960’s. while not going into additional detail concerning the big selection of properties and applications of the 2 terribly totally different material teams PUR and thermoplastic foam, the light-weight construction potential that's common to each materials should be mentioned.While varied applications were found for polyurethanes, FIM didn't attain comparable successes, though it's one amongst the oldest special plastics process technology.

The beginnings of froth injection molding return to the 1950’s. At that point “experienced injection molders value-added atiny low pinch of leavening (up to zero,05 %) to the granulate, if sink marks appeared on the wrought product." Another result,which was hardly noticed at the time, was the associated saving in weight. the froth structure, further because the ensuing lower density, solely became fascinating a few years later, since new materials and appropriate propellants had to be developed initial.

Series production of the primary thermoplastic structural foam elements started within the early 70’s, ab initio with chemical propellants. Already at that point, KraussMaffei was trying to develop a finer and outlined foam structure and to supply wrought elements while not sink marks and with densities between zero,3 and 0,6 g/cm3 with reduced clamping forces. Hereby, the utilization of a physical propellant perceived to be most practicable, at the side of the alleged direct gassing as a variant of FIM. The principle was supported introducing the foaming agent beneath high directly into the melt-filled screw flights. Applications glorious from automakers at that point were embellished interior linings, housing elements, and electrical connectors. as a result of the propellant gases used were now not allowable for ecological reasons, the project was finally born in favor of the chemical action.

Strategic Mistakes Corrected

The first breakthrough was created by Trexel opposition., Wilmington, Massachusetts/USA at the tip of the 1990’s with the MuCell method victimization changed and improved technology. Originally made-up at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) within the late 80’s, the method was ab initio aimed toward extrusion. it had been solely at the start of the year 2000 that interest was centered on injection molding. However, many strategic mistakes prevented a prospering propagation of the process: additionally to the prices for the technical instrumentality, Trexel demanded license fees from users, whereby the quantity was resolute annually, and was supported turnout. Since the tip of 2005, Trexel now not charges license fees, however this necessary data has not nevertheless reached all areas within the industry.

Another hindrance was the promoting strategy.Apart from the first concentrate on extrusion,Trexel ab initio didn't address the potential users and OEMs. the corporate targeted plastics processors and moldmakers, though expertise shows that these solely have restricted influence on the project-related process technology. Consequently, awareness of the new method was principally restricted to atiny low circle of insiders. Meanwhile, Trexel has modified their strategy, and has raised the interest of users and OEMs. united of the primary machine makers, KraussMaffei in Muenchen, Germany, has cooperated with Trexel from the beginning.Following the joint development of standardized instrumentality on the machine aspect, KraussMaffei enclosed complete MuCell system packages in their product vary early in 2001.