foam cutter machine

- Nov 07, 2019-

How the foam cutter works

The EPS foam cutting machine is light and strong with amazing cutting accuracy and repeatability. The heating wire/fan box is a place for fixing the heating wire. When cutting, the micro-fan is used to cool the heating wire, and a special spring is used to compensate the elongation of the heating wire after being heated. High-performance heating wire, this high-life alloy wire is made of nickel, chrome, cobalt, molybdenum and titanium. It is long in length and can speed up cutting and has a long life. The EPScutter motion analysis software controls the fully automated turntable so that it can cut rotating bodies such as cylinders and spheres. The side bracket is a fully automated tool controlled by EPScutter motion analysis processing software that allows you to cut out all possible rotating bodies such as cylinders, small pillars and more. The material is mounted on a nail located on the nail plate.

Principle analysis method of foam cutting machine:

The method is based on the logic analysis of the numerical control machine tool, the logic level and characteristic parameters of each point, and analyzes and judges the working principle of the components of the system to determine the maintenance method of the fault part. This method is required to repair the personnel or parts of the whole system. The principle of the project has a clear and profound understanding, and it is possible to locate part of the fault.

Cutting machine principle:

1. The machine is combined into a graph by controlling the X-axis (the gantry with the gear and the rack combined with the front and rear movable gantry) and the Y-axis (the vertical screw and the nut are combined with the hot wire frame carrying the resistance wire). At the same time, the resistance wire is used to cut various EPS products. The route is to use the input computer graphic to automatically send pulse signals to control the operation of the X and Y axes.

2. There are two ways to enter the product graphics of the computer: directly draw with the computer-specific wire cutting software or use the scanning tablet to enter the graphics into the computer.

3. Single-line CNC profile cutting machine is suitable for cutting large or small quantities of products.

4. Multi-line CNC profile cutting machine is suitable for cutting small or large quantities of products. The resistance wire cutting system can use up to twenty resistance wires at the same time. After the graphic is input into the computer, all the resistance wires can run in parallel, cutting up to twenty complex two at a time.