foam cnc machine

- Oct 31, 2019-

The foam CNC machine tool is a CNC equipment for professional processing of foam. It belongs to light CNC machine tools. Compared with heavy metal cutting machines, foam CNC machines have lower rigidity and precision requirements.

Manufacturing processes

Foam processing process:

Data preparation

2. Coloring

3. Shrinking water

4. Make a retention

5. Layering

6. CNC program design

7. CNC machining

Processing technology

1. Digital-analog analysis, adding margin, scaling rate

2. Digital model layering

3. Software programming

4. CNC machining with CNC foam machine

5. Manual paste

6. Photogrammetry

Machine structural components

1. The spindle adopts the original Italian imported electric spindle

2.Using Japanese servo motor, Japanese high precision linear guide

3. Casting workbench

4. High-power vacuum cleaner

Performance parameter

NO. Performance indicators

1 stroke X stroke 2000mm

Y stroke 4000mm

Z stroke 1000mm

2 Platform size 2000x4000mm

3 Structure Countertop structure Integral casting

X, Y, Z structure X, Y, rack, Z screw

4 speed idle speed ≥16000mm/min

Working speed ≥10000mm/min

5 spindle spindle power water cooling 6.0KW

Spindle speed 100-12000r/min

Spindle inner taper ISO40

Spindle nose to table distance 150-1150mm

6 operating mode servo

7 working voltage AC380V/50Hz

8 running instructions G code, F / S command compatible

9 Operating System Taiwan New Generation

10 net weight 8.5 tons

Foam model CNC machine tool