eps sandwich panel machine

- Oct 16, 2019-

EPS(Expanded polystyrene), documented as polystyrene, may be a sensible thermal insulation with waterproofing. Also, it will be recycled. However, the largest point may be a low worth.

Our EPS sandwich panel line may be a absolutely automation instrumentality system to supply varied shapes of sandwich panels unendingly and expeditiously victimization EPS as a core material.

EPS Sandwich Panel Production Machine has been designed for the continual production of metal moon-faced roof and wall sandwich panels. because of its easy operation. This eps sandwich panel creating forming machine is wide utilized in the development of steel structure enclosures, warehouse, workshop, cold storages and mobile buildings.

The metal skins for roof sandwich panels are trapezoildal roof sheets product of pre-painted steel coils with thickness zero.4-0.7mm, breadth 1250mm maximum(we will style per buyer's requirement); the thermal materials for roof and wall sandwich panels are sometimes EPS board.

ESP sandwich panel production machine may create the styrene core sandwich panel. This sandwich panel line adopts PLC and bit screen dominant system. It may create each roof and wall sandwich panel with core of styrene foam material.

In order to satisfy varied client necessities, we tend to style and manufacture EPS sandwich panel lines in numerous specs., models and configurations.

Consecutive laminating body makes EPS blocks persist with up and down sheets.

Sandwich panel line is often needed for the assembly of metal scraped, EPS board insulated roof and wall panels of prefab buildings, like assembled instrumentality homes,steel structure enclosures, warehouse, workshop, cold storages, and mobile buildings.

People prefer to use metal roof and wall panels product of pre-painted steel coils or galvanized steel coils rather than stones, bricks or clay tiles for many of residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural steel buildings, but one metal roof or panelling isn't a thermal sheet which might forestall a building or a house obtaining too hot in summer or too cold in winter.

Therefore associate degree EPS Sandwich Panel Production Machine tends to be the primary option to contractors or distributors whenever they need got to turn out thermal roof or wall panels. There are varied affiliation or joint kind for EPS roof and wall sandwich panels, like ‘H’ lock kind, 'Z ' lock kind, tongue and grooved kind, hid fixing kind, cap fixing kind, klip-lok kind, protective covering kind and then on.