eps foam recycling machine

- Jan 03, 2020-

How to recycle eps foam materials?

Polystyrene EPS foam has low thermal conductivity; elastic porous structure can absorb thermal and wet stress, even in rare climate when water vapour condenses and freezes, its structure won't be destroyed; light weight, and features a certain compressive and tensile strength; good chemical stability, acid and alkali resistance, features a good. Durability of service. Therefore, it's widely utilized in all areas of life. However, polystyrene foam is difficult to decompose, causing white pollution of garbage. So how can we recycle EPS foam? EPS foam compactor is employed for foam volume reduction and compression treatment to extend density, reduce volume, facilitate storage and facilitate transportation.


The EPS foam compactor uses the principle of screw extrusion to compress the recycled foam and reduce the capacity. The operator only must put the discarded foam into the feeding port. The spiral blade inserted inside the machine is to chop the froth into particle shape, then push the compaction unit to squeeze the froth into lump, and therefore the volume reduction rate is quite 70%. A pressure adapter is provided at the top of the discharge port to regulate the compression degree of the froth volume.

—— Put EPS waste block into hopper. Pre cutting cut the majority of the fabric to 20mm to 50mm size flake foam. Compressors use the screw compression at rock bottom of the hopper to compress the froth blocks. > extruding the compressed foam block. —— The compression result's that 7 kg/m3 EPS becomes 400 kg/m3 EPS compression block.