eps cutting machine

- Oct 23, 2019-

Using fashionable technology, Hot wire CNC foam cutters permit making much any product of the foremost sophisticated form in an exceedingly quick, correct and comparatively cheap means. Hot wire CNC foam cutting machines is employed to make show letters, logos (3D Logos), raphics, signboards, labels for indoor and out of doors ads, decoration components, honest stalls, store props & displays, P.O.P. displays, decorations for the arena or cinema, simulation product, every kind of packaging, amusement, discipline shapes, large-scale design models, thematic props, pipe insulation, formed concrete molds, columns, etc.

3D Hot wire CNC Foam cutters will be used for a good style of cutting applications. they will cut nearly much something out of dilated phenylethylene – EPS foam and extruded polystyrene – XPS foam.

LETTERING AND 3D SHAPES – what percentage times have you ever featured the matter of creating sophisticated 3D logotypes? and every one the already notable strategies perceived to be unsuitable or too expensive? Hot wire foam CNC cutter can do nearly everything – Your imagination is its solely limit!

ARCHITECTURAL components – polystyrene design details (moulds, finials, banisters, keystones, parapet caps, balusters) lined with strengthening nets and stuccoes are getting very hip, thanks to their light-weight weight, simple assembly, preciseness of realization, value and therefore the indisputable fact that they're environmentally friendly.

EXTERNAL WALL INSULATION – A CNC foam cutting machine at the development site? Well, yes, as this can be the simplest means for making ready external wall insulation on web site, leading to labor time savings and highest quality thermal insulation.

FAIR, THEATRE AND FILM DECORATIONS – there's no machines as helpful as a Hot wire CNC foam cutters once building honest stalls and film or theatre decorations. Its speed and cutting preciseness permit making each set and stage style briefly time and while not defrayal heaps of cash.

The CNC foam cutter could be a machine controlled by a laptop laptop capable of cutting any 3D objects out of extruded and dilated phenylethylene foams (EPS and XPS). The cutting is performed with a hot cutting wire occupancy the vertical associate degreed horizontal axes through the employment of stepper motors controlled by an electronic controller connected to a laptop and controlled with our distinctive package. This ensures perfect preciseness, high process speed, and systematically glorious quality.

The precise mechanisms and excellent electronic management of motors movement modify the operator to chop any form, as long as its thickness corresponds with the thickness of the fabric. there's conjointly the choice of planning and cutting a number of totally different outlines of a similar project which ends up in terribly enticing 3D shapes. The TurnTable makes it doable to chop e.g. spheres, shaping machine is irreplacable in column cutting, more prospects go with the ShapeWire Tool.

There are 2 kinds of foam best suited to process with the new wire CNC foam cutters:

Expanded phenylethylene (EPS) is probably the foremost common in everyday life: this white foam will be seen in cups for warm beverages, refrigerators, insulation, packaging, etc. the froth plastic consists of ninety eight air and a couple of phenylethylene. phenylethylene beads are heated with steam in such the way that they're speedily increasing (foaming) and forming a low-density block (in a special form). This material is cheap and light-weight – typically consideration 15-30 weight unit per kiloliter. dilated phenylethylene doesn't lose its elementary properties with time and may be utterly recycled and reused.

Extruded phenylethylene (XPS) has a similar chemical composition because the dilated polystyrene, however is formed by a distinct technology; as a result, the made foam has smaller air pockets and is additional uniform. It typically comes in pink, blue, green, etc. Extruded phenylethylene is right for producing demonstration panels.

Why Styrofoam?

There are many reasons why the abovementioned materials are therefore wide used. Typically, polystyrene means:

Low price;

Low weight;

Ideal for out of doors works, and, as within the case of EPS material, indoor works;

Possibility to use totally different coating (water-based paints, cement coatings, metal coatings, etc.);

Long-term use: if the coating is applied properly, it will last for many years.