Cnc wire foam cutter

- Dec 12, 2019-

In the daily work of the wire cutting machine, the environment is not bad, there is electricity and water, so the maintenance of the CNC wire cutting machine is very necessary.

CNC wire cutting machine tools are not suitable for working in dirty, hot and humid environments, and the power supply environment of the power grid also has higher requirements. The power supply voltage of the machine tools should not be less than ± 10%, and the three are balanced and stable. It is necessary to install a voltage regulator source in the too bad power grid. In addition to the normal maintenance of tidy and lubricated CNC wire cutting machine tools, you must also carefully maintain the following six important CNC wire cutting machine components:

1. The guide rail and lead screw must not be contaminated with dirty water and dirt. Once the dirt is contaminated, wipe it with clean cotton gauze and then dip it in 10 # machine oil and wipe it with light cotton;

2. For the guide wheels and bearings of CNC wire cutting machine tools, for the life of the guide wheels and bearings, the too dirty wire cutting fluid should also be replaced. If the machine is not turned on for a short time, the guide wheels should be turned without water for dozens of seconds. Throw out the makeup, remove the screw plug of the guide wheel seat, and inject grease to discharge the dirt through the oil gap, so that the guide wheel and the bearing are always in a relatively clean state;

3. The online cable between the CNC wire cutting machine control cabinet and the machine tool must be protected by a cover or a plastic plate. The cable must be freely stepped on. The cable must be in a relaxed and free state. , Do not flatten the cable corrugated sheath by fracturing;

4. Handle the control console (cabinet) of the CNC wire cutting machine tool lightly. Do not insert or remove the touch connector or keyboard with oily hands.

5. No part of the bed should be knocked or bumped, especially the wire rack should not interfere with the bed due to over-travel motion, which will seriously damage the machine tool parts or accuracy;

6. Always pay attention to make the conductive block in a good state of conduction and insulation between the bed, the pads on the workbench must be insulated from the bed, the drag wire of the stepper motor must be free, and the stepper motor must be free of dirty water. Dip.