Cnc laser foam cutter

- Dec 18, 2019-

foams are made by means of trapping pockets of fuel inside a fabric. foams are commonly crafted from polymers, but they can also be made from ceramics or metals. in open mobile foams, the wallet are interconnected and packed with air. open mobile foams may be compressed effortlessly due to the fact the air can flow freely through the pockets. for closed mobile foams, the gasoline wallet are not connected. instead, every pocket is absolutely surrounded with strong fabric. due to the fact the gasoline is trapped within the pockets, closed cell foams do now not compress as easily as open mobile foams. all styles of foam may be processed by using laser cutting, engraving, and staining.

ypes of laser strategies

lasers are gambling an ever increasing function in material processing, from new product improvement to high volume production. for all laser approaches, the strength of a laser beam interacts with a cloth to convert it in some manner. every transformation (or laser method) is managed by way of exactly regulating the wavelength, power, responsibility cycle and repetition fee of the laser beam.

all materials have specific characteristics that dictate how the laser beam interacts and consequently modifies the fabric. the maximum commonplace approaches for foams are the following:

laser reducing of foam

polymer based foam may be cut most effectively using a co2 laser. the laser beam heats the cloth immediately in its route, inflicting it to vaporize. if the laser energy is satisfactorily excessive, the laser beam will reduce completely thru the material. polymers vaporize fast when reduce with a laser beam, ensuing in smooth edges with minimal warmness affected zone. for metal primarily based foams, a fiber laser is best. the fiber laser can cut through skinny sheets of foam (up to one/8” or 3 mm). ceramic based foam isn't commonly cut with a laser due to the fact it is very brittle and may crack.

laser engraving of foam

the power of the laser beam may be constrained in order that it eliminates cloth (engraves) to a exact intensity. a co2 laser is pleasant for laser engraving polymer foams, while a fiber laser is first-class for metal foams. the laser engraving manner can be used to create styles and designs inside the foam floor. laser engraving can also be used to carry records.

laser marking of foam

metal and ceramic foams can be laser marked the usage of a fiber laser. the power of the fiber laser beam is absorbed via the floor of the material, causing it to warmness up and change shade or hue. this transformation in appearance creates a visible mark with out doing away with cloth. laser marking may be used to create designs or to carry facts.

combined manner

the laser reducing, engraving, and staining processes defined above may be mixed while not having to move or re-fixture the froth.