Building With Foam Machines

- May 12, 2020-

We have a foam machine at work. We were spending a lot of time over the construction projects that our clients wanted done on their homes. After I had touched up a few of the wood floors around the building, I thought we could make some of the flooring in the bathrooms and kitchens by pouring a small amount of the polyurethane foam onto a heating pad.

At first, we tried to do this by applying hot air to the foam mixture, but it just did not work. The foam was too cold to be effective. So, we experimented with using electric fireplace mittens in a small area to help hold the mixture together so that it would come out warm enough to touch.

When we used our foam machine to spray the mixture into these mittens, we found that they formed a bond with the powder that was in the mittens. Our mix worked beautifully.

Using our new machines to spray into mittens, we sprayed a foam material onto a wooden plank with a plasma beam from above. That is a high powered beam so we thought that this would be safe. When we finished spraying, the adhesive went right down into the mitten.

As soon as the plasma beam hit the foam, it was as if the foam material had created a seal with the coating on the plank. It came right off without leaving a residue behind. You could see where the foam had bonded with the backing of the plank.

Once we were done spraying foam into mittens, we put the foam material into a vacuum container and transferred it to the furnace and left it there. We left it there for a couple of hours and as we put more pressure on the tool, the foam actually came out more compacted than when we first poured it.

It worked like a charm and saved us money because we had smaller jobs to do and could handle them with large tools. We also noticed that the foam was less brittle when cold. If you heat up the foam, it tends to break faster.

The air-powered foam machines are less expensive than others and are easy to clean. For commercial buildings or for a home you can find foam machines for sale on the internet at very reasonable prices. A quality foam machine will last for a very long time and save you money while making your job faster and more efficient.